Olan Mack & Kristen Bryan of Seneca County House of Concern .::. The Loving Cup 6/8/18

Olan Mack & Kristen Bryan are in-studio to talk about everything going on at the Seneca County House of Concern, the upcoming event at the Thrift Store, and gratitude they hold for each other and the community they serve.


Kathrine Switzer & Catherine Pepler .::. The Loving Cup 5/11/18

Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to enter and complete the Boston Marathon and 1974 NYC Marathon Champion, is in-studio with Katie MacIntyre’s mother Catherine Pepler on the latest edition of The Loving Cup Podcast on the eve of the Right to Run 19K in Seneca Falls on Mother’s Day Weekend.

Watch the podcast below, or listen in the audio player:


Rhonda Jasper & Rose Giovannini .::. The Loving Cup 4/27/18

Rhonda Jasper & Rose Giovannini of Seneca County United Way talk about the upcoming Taste of Spring event at del Lago and gratitude on this week’s episode of The Loving Cup Podcast.