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Cindy Lorenzetti & Steve Churchill in-studio .::. Weber This Week 6/5/17

Seneca County Supervisors Cindy Lorenzetti (Fayette) and Steve Churchill (Seneca Falls) appear in-studio to talk about the major issues facing their board. Also, Steve Churchill makes an announcement regarding the end of his current term. Check out the full episode below, originally streamed live on Monday afternoon inside the new FingerLakes1.com Studios…

Fayette Supervisor Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti .::. Inside the FLX 1/31/17

On Tuesday afternoon’s special edition of the Inside the FLX podcast on FingerLakes1.TV, Fayette Town Supervisor Cindy Garlick-Lorenzetti joined Josh Durso to discuss a variety of important issues locally.

Seneca Supervisors Lorenzetti & Churchill in-studio .::. Weber This Week 1/16/17

Seneca County Supervisors Cindy Lorenzetti and Steve Churchill return to the FingerLakes1.com Studios on Monday morning’s Weber This Week show to discuss the County IDA’s handling of the former Army Depot sale and potential sales tax and del Lago Casino revenue sharing with the towns that comprise Seneca County.

Seneca Supervisors Steve Churchill & Cindy Lorenzetti .::. Weber This Week 8/8/16

Seneca County Board of Supervisors representatives Steve Churchill and Cindy Garlic-Lorenzetti are in-studio to discuss the variety of issues facing Seneca County heading into the second half of 2016.