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8th Annual It’s A Wonderful Run .::. Official Race Video 12/10/16

Over 4,000 runners and thousands more holiday revelers congregated in Seneca Falls, NY on Saturday for the It’s A Wonderful Life Weekend and the 8th Annual It’s A Wonderful Run 5K. Seneca Falls is believed to be the town that inspired Bedford Falls in the Frank Capra holiday classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. This year marks the 70th Anniversary of the film’s release. Check out the video below capturing Saturday in Seneca Falls…

7th Annual It’s A Wonderful Run 5K Race Video .::. December 12, 2015

Over 3,800 runners took part in the 2015 edition of the It’s A Wonderful Run 5K race in Seneca Falls, NY as part of the It’s A Wonderful Life Festival.

Omar Boulama of Walworth, NY
1st place – 15:00 (Course Record)

Laurel Leone of Minoa
First woman to finish
She was 11th overall with a time of 17:07

New Seneca Falls App & Sharon Hoatland .::. Weber This Week 11/2/15

Sharon Hoatland of the Seneca Falls Business Association is in-studio to announce the launch of the new Seneca Falls Android and iPhone app now available and to preview the upcoming holiday season in historic Seneca Falls.

Interview with Jimmy Hawkins, Legendary Hollywood Actor & Producer

One of Jimmy Hawkins’ first roles was as little Tommy Bailey in Frank Capra’s classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” film. He then went on to a career in the entertainment industry that included over 80 feature film credits, dozens of roles on television shows in the 1950’s and 60’s, and several films and TV shows as a producer.

Hawkins was perhaps best knows as “Tag” in Annie Oakley’s television series and toured the country as part of Gene Autry’s travelling western show. He also appeared in movies alongside Elvis Presley and television show such as Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver, Gidget and many others.

An exhibit featuring the career of Jimmy Hawkins will open in late October 2015 at the “It’s A Wonderful Life” Museum in downtown Seneca Falls, NY.