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Looking back: Jesse Howe and a busy February ..::.. Crash Course #120

This week, open with memories of Jesse Howe, a storied southern tier driver who was beloved by many. Then, we look back on the busy week between NAPA WinterSLAM and the Northeast Derby Banquet in Owego, and discuss with Jake Sherman his experience in the compact division at WinterSLAM. At the end, we catch up with an elated Ed Brewster, who with JMW and Cow RC Demo Derby joined Tyler Spittle in hosting the first-ever rc derby at the Motorama Event in Harrisburg, PA. HT RC also hosted a $1,000 to win rc derby over the weekend in Ohio, drawning more than 50 cars.

January Area Roundup ..::.. The 31st Lap #187

We hit on a few of the happenings in the northeast as the midgets prepare to storm Boardwalk for the Napa Know How Gambler’s Classic

Catskill and Napa WinterSlam ..::.. Crash Course #110

This week, we catch up with Ryan Ostrander and Catskill Fabrication and Performance and we talk about the challenges of building and keeping up with customer orders. Then, we switch gears and head to Minnesota to talk with Randy Mosloski about the 2016 Napa WinterSLAM in Garden City. The show has already sold out on entries!

And finally, we dedicate this episode to Jesse Pryor, #557, who passed away unexpectedly last week. Our thoughts remain with the family.

Next Wednesday is the cutoff to RSVP for the New Year’s Eve Party. We must have your names by next Wednesday (Dec. 23) for head count. Only a small number of walk-up, un-announced tickets will be available at the door. There is no price change at the door.

Pole Position Raceway Championships are coming ..::.. The 31st Lap #179

This week, we catch up with Stephen Whitacre, the regional manager for Pole Position Raceway and then Chad McCarthy, who is competing in Rochester this coming Tuesday’s Pole Position Raceway LIVE championship event at Marketplace Mall in Rochester.