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Doreen Teed of the Family Hope Center .::. Inside the FLX 11/17/19

This week on Episode #199 of Inside the FLX: A discussion with Doreen Teed, of the Family Hope Center located in Geneva, New York. The Center gives hope to families by providing pregnancy and parenting education, support services for relationships, and baby supplies.

Teed serves as executive director of the Center. The discussion focused on the importance of relationships, experience, and communication. Especially communication between parents and children.

Check out the full-conversation below on YouTube, or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Anchor.

Fossenvue on Seneca Lake .::. Our Finger Lakes History

Between 1875 and 1901, Fossenvue was an important summer retreat on Seneca Lake that provided cultural stimulation in a natural setting. Seneca County Historian Walter Gable will explain how a group of seven friends in Geneva, New York founded Fossenvue and the interesting history of this unique historical location that is now part of the Finger Lakes National Forest.


Davy Markle in-studio ..::.. The Final Round Podcast #073

We welcome Davy Markle to the studio as the Final Round Podcast shifts into our new Holiday schedule which will have us going live on Wednesday nights.