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South Seneca Class of 2020 grad Hannah Goldberg .::. FLX Weekly 7/1/20

Last weekend Hannah Goldberg and her classmates received their high school diplomas during the commencement ceremony at South Seneca High School in Ovid. Hannah, a former, Inc. Intern, is in-studio to talk about the challenges of closing out her senior year in a pandemic, what the immediate future looks like for college bound students, and to share a song she composed and recently recorded.


SUNY Brockport Professor Joe Torre .::. Across the Hall Podcast #12

This week Brendan is joined by SUNY Brockport history professor Joe Torre to talk local history and about the effect of COVID-19 on higher education. Professor Torre is an expert on early American History and the crucial role that Central and Western New York played in the history of the United States in the first half of the 19th Century. They talk about the importance of the Erie Canal in the Market Revolution, the crucial religious developments that took place during the Second Great Awakening in the “Burned-Over District,” and the reform movements that came about as a result.


Devon & Kristi Germain, AmericanBeanz .::. Crash Course #313

The Crash Course makes a long-awaited return to Studios and welcomes Devon & Kristi Germain to break some huge news for the derby family in Ontario, and follow up with some big news of our own with streamer AmericanBeanz. We also follow up on Metal Mayhem and Burlington.

Pre-Emption Line .::. Our Finger Lakes History

Most Finger Lakes residents have heard of the Pre-Emption Line but very few know the fascinating history of why is exists. Seneca County Historian Walter Gable explains in this episode of Our Finger Lakes History.