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Sage Gerling & Adam Blowers discuss future of Geneva .::. Inside the FLX 12/9/18

What’s going on in Geneva? After the City named a successor to Former City Manager Matt Horn — in Sage Gerling — local residents were largely satisfied.

While there were concerns about the process — the hiring of Gerling felt like a concession to those who wanted to see someone with local passion lead the City Manager’s office.

Sage Gerling, in her capacity as Geneva City Manager, and Adam Blowers, who serves as Comptroller and Assistant City Manager were in-studio discussing the current and future of Geneva on Inside the FLX.


Seneca White Deer, Inc. on depot health and preservation .::. Inside the FLX 12/7/18

It has been an overwhelmingly successful stretch of 24 months for the folks at Seneca White Deer, Inc.

An organization that was formed from the goal to help preserve the white deer herd at the former Seneca Army Depot — has grown in size and scope — allowing for more advocacy than ever before.

On Friday, Dennis Money, founder and president of Seneca White Deer, Inc., and Carl Patrick, who leads communication efforts and serves as Vice President for the organization were in-studio giving an update on the latest happenings at the 7,000-acre site.

While the organization only works off of a small corner of that property — they have managed to make the portion hosting the white deer safer, promote the long-term health of the herd, and even bolster tours of the site — promoting the history of the former depot.

Check out the entire conversation with Money and Patrick on Inside the FLX.


Discussing tourism and travel in the Finger Lakes .::. Inside the FLX 12/4/18

The Seneca County Chamber of Commerce recently launched a new community guide aimed at connecting those staying and living in the Finger Lakes — with valuable local services.

Jeff Shipley, Chamber President, and Mackenzie Green, Membership Development Manager, join Josh Durso on Inside the FLX to discuss the new publication, as well as some broader topics around tourism in the Finger Lakes.


Discussing the future of Seneca County with Acting Manager Mitch Rowe .::. Inside the FLX 12/3/18

In late-summer Seneca County was put in a difficult spot when they lost another County Manager. It’s an office that the County has had difficulty keeping staffed. In the weeks after former County Manager John Sheppard’s resignation — a temporary successor was identified. Mitch Rowe, former County Manager and Planning Director took on the office in an ‘Acting’ capacity.

This week he was in-studio to provide residents with an update on Seneca County activity over the three months he’s been in office.


Discussing the rise of ‘Urgent Care’ in modern medicine .::. Inside the FLX 12/2/18

When was the last time you visited your primary care physician? What about the last time you visited urgent care?

In the last decade visits to urgent care clinics across the U.S. increased by 119% between 2008 and 2015. For many Americans — urgent care — has become the ‘go-to’ option for healthcare services. According to Bob Switzer, urgent care director for Finger Lakes Health — the local trend has lived up to the national figures. Insurance claims to urgent care clinics has also dramatically increased in the last decade. The data showed an increase of 1,725 percent since 2008.

Switzer visited the Studio alongside colleague Andre Forcier, chief administration officer for FLH Medical to discuss the trends in urgent care, and what’s happening locally to help keep residents healthy.


Discussing CAFOs, HABs, the Seneca Army Depot, and Greenidge .::. The Debrief 11/30/18

This week on The Debrief Peter Mantius, founder of The Water Front, whose reporting is featured on, joins Josh Durso to discuss a number of important, pressing political and environmental issues that have been grabbing headlines in the last several weeks.

Stories and topics discussed on the program:

Carcinogenic chemicals plaguing Hoosick Falls rampant at Seneca Army Depot;
Politics of Greenidge, and pending lawsuits;
CAFO’s regulation relaxed: Hundreds switch to DEC’s new rules; and
Rushville algal toxins prompt a drinking water ban.


Cuomo blasts media, cashless tolls on Thruway, and Depot contamination .::. The Debrief Podcast 11/23/18

On Friday’s edition of The Debrief Josh Durso was joined by Ted Baker, host of Finger Lakes Morning News on WGVA and WAUB – where the duo discussed a number of recent headlines from around the Finger Lakes.

Watch the program below or listen to the audio-only podcast.

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Discussing financial literacy in local communities .::. Inside the FLX 11/22/18

Earlier this year, WalletHub released survey results, which painted a grim picture about financial literacy across the U.S. Stunningly, the U.S. ended 2017 with $92.2 billion in new credit card debt – the highest increase since 2007 – before the ‘Great Recession’.

How much have we learned in the last 10 years; and what are we doing today to prevent making the same mistakes when it comes to personal finance? These questions and more were discussed with Menzo Case, President and CEO of Generations Bank on Episode #148 of Inside the FLX.


Amazon HQ, Penn Yan DRI, and Auburn’s Rental Registry .::. The Debrief Podcast 11/16/18

This week on The Debrief Podcast Jackie Augustine and Josh Durso break down the latest headlines from a busy week in local, regional, and state politics.

Here’s a look at the stories up for discussion exclusively on FingerLakes1.TV and FL1 Radio:


Election Week Headlines, Results & Local Implications .::. The Debrief Podcast 11/9/18

On Episode #35 of The Debrief Podcast Ted Baker, of Finger Lakes Morning News, joins Josh Durso in-studio to talk about the latest Election Week headlines, some results with local races, and what comes next for a divided electorate.

Watch or listen below:


Biggest races, the latest polls, and financial reports ahead of Election Day .::. The Debrief Podcast 11/4/18

Closing in on Election Day – the region is preparing for one of the most-consequential midterm elections in recent memory.

A number of key, high-profile races are heating up, and tightening up in the hours leading up to the moment when voters take to the polls and cast all-important votes.

On this week’s episode of The Debrief Josh Durso is joined by Rachel Midey, of WDYC-TV in Corning, to break down the latest election headlines. The duo will talk polls, the latest campaign finance reports, as well as some of the individual races that have been making headlines.

Watch the full-episode below, or listen to the podcast in the audio player below, or check it out on iTunes and the Google Play.