Brown, Crittendon, Hansen ..::.. The Crash Course #79

We open with a conversation with Owenton Spring Nationals pro stock winner Nathan Brown, and then follow up with stock class winner Robby Crittendon, and finish with ‘retired’ driver Peter Hansen regarding his effort in the windshield class.

I wanted to take a moment and recognize the thousands of people to took time from the weekends to support John Peck, Top Dog Promotions, and the Owenton Spring Nationals as we streamed it live.

John has expressed his appreciation to his countless supporters, and we thank him as a team at Crash Course Podcast. We were treated so well in Kentucky, it really sets a high bar for the rest of the summer.

A dedicated fan base stuck with the show in the stands, and likewise, a dedicated base followed along online. We’re currently at more than 9,000 views. We had more than 200 people still watching live when the feature ended.

The show was hit by more than 11,000 people. The two-day event was viewed by US military and fans in nearly every state (including Hawaii), three documented Canadian Provinces, Japan and Korea.

The outpouring of support was remarkable, and floored us. The comments and feedback only reiterate what a great group of fans dwell within the demolition derby universe.

I’m glad we were able to share the weekend with so many people, and we appreciate every one of the social media “hello’s;” we had hundreds of “watching in Wisconsin” and “With You in Manitoba” style comments from everywhere imagineable.

We, Chris, Josh Decker Brian Tomkins and Ben Haust, on behalf of Crash Course Derby Podcast extend a heart-felt thank you to John Peck, and all the viewers. Thank you for taking the chance on what we have been working so hard to accomplish, and stick around: we’ve got so much more to come!