Todd Cioppa, Brandon Dixon, Mark Elliott ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #305

We look ahead to a busy end of the month, talking first with Iron City’s Todd Cioppa about the Florida Southern Nationals and then Wicked’s Brandon Dixon about Redneck Rumble. We finish with Mark Elliott, following up on his Facebook announcement and a look at his busy 2020 season.

Cornhusker Chaos: Hurt, Steinmeyer and More ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #304

In addition to a weekend development regarding Crash Course and The Florida Southern Nationals, we dive head-first into Cornhusker Chaos. The event was hosted by Logan Dowhy’s Wreckless Promotions indoor event in Kearney, NE. The team element of the event was won by Andrew Lewis. Lewis swept the win and Mad Dog honors. However, the event was defined by Matt Hurt’s roll-over hit in the class won by Seth Steinmeyer.

Jason Sauer on ArtBasel Weekend ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #303

The happiest derby driver in America joins us to talk about his experience at ArtBasel Weekend and the BaselHouse Mural Festival in Miami.

Lexy Droz and Demolition Derby Life ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #302

Lexy Drox, publisher of Demolition Derby Life joins us to discuss the print magazine focusing on, of course, demolition derby.