Michael Warren Thomas Talks Changes To Savor Life Radio Show .::. Inside the FLX #242

For more than two decades Michael Warren Thomas has been a staple on regional radio. His series ‘Savor Life’ focuses on gardening, the Finger Lakes, food, wine, and more. For years, his program was run exclusively on WYSL. However, after a string of unsettling posts to social media by the radio station – he took his show to an exclusively digital platform. Now, his show is online at www.SavorLife.com. Check it out and be sure to check out our conversation with Michael about the move, life, and some of the things he’s learned about the Finger Lakes and Western New York over his years on the air.

Auburn Superintendent Jeff Pirozzolo on budget passage, 2020-21 school year .::. Inside the FLX #240

Today on the show we welcome Jeff Pirozzolo to the studio for a conversation about the direction schools are headed over the next two months. Jeff serves as superintendent of Auburn City Schools, a district where voters recently approved a new spending plan for the upcoming school year.

Ann Marie Heizmann talks campaign for NYS Assembly .::. Inside the FLX #239

On Friday, Ann Marie Heizmann was in-studio discussing her bid for New York State Assembly. On Tuesday, a primary will take place (early voting is underway now), where voters will choose the Republican to run in the fall. The district, which includes Seneca and Ontario counties, has been held by Assemblyman Brian Kolb, who said he wouldn’t seek re-election earlier this year.

Steve Bulger from U.S. SBA on PPP, future of small businesses .::. Inside the FLX #237

The U.S. Small Business Administration has been working hard over the last two months with local, regional, and national lenders to get hundreds-of-billions of dollars out to small businesses that desperately need it. As part of the Paycheck Protection Program, Regional Administrator Steve Bulger, who oversees the Atlantic Region II, which includes New York, has been focused on getting feedback from small business owners, and working to ensure that those who need it – see the funds. He called the program – as a whole – an overwhelming success despite some early-challenges.

He joined Josh Durso to answer some questions about the program, how its helped business owners in the region, and the ways commerce could change in the coming months for good.

Wells College President Jonathan Gibralter talks future, possible closure .::. Inside the FLX 5/13/20

Last week Wells College President Dr. Jonathan Gibralter published a stunning letter, which left the college- and regional community in shock. It simply said: If students cannot return on-campus this fall – Wells College will not survive. He assumed the presidency in 2015; and it’s safe to say that this letter was the most-significant of his tenure. What’s next for Wells College? Is this an indicator about what’s coming for private colleges across Upstate New York?


NYSEG, RG&E President Carl Taylor talks pandemic response, operations .::. Inside the FLX 5/11/20

While New York State Gas and Electric, or NYSEG, and Rochester Gas & Electric, or RG&E, have received a lot of headline attention for their charitable contributions to local and regional food banks – their response to the Coronavirus Pandemic has been among the more interesting. President Carl Taylor spoke with FingerLakes1.com about that response effort, both from operations and community giving standpoint. He noted that while people have been at home, usage has remained balanced throughout most of Upstate New York. However, as part of their response to COVID-19 – both NYSEG and RG&E took steps to ensure customer, worker, and community safety.


Conversation with Steve Keeler from Cayuga Community College .::. Inside the FLX #234

Earlier this week we featured a ‘Daily Debrief’ taking on questions about the future sustainability of local journalism. It’s a topic we have broached numerous times, and one that’s become even more relevant during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Economic shutdown is crushing small businesses, which is the lifeblood of local advertising.

Steve Keeler leads the School of Media and Arts at Cayuga Community College, and we talked to him about advertising, subscribers, coverage of the pandemic, and much more.

Discussing the future of work in the Finger Lakes .::. Inside the FLX #233

The Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board, or Finger Lakes Works for short, is contending with some of the biggest questions the region faces moving forward. In particular, they are wrestling with questions about workforce makeup following the pandemic. As the economy reopens and people go back to work, Michael Woloson, who serves as Business Services Coordinator for the organization is working to help all parties involved. Today on the show, a conversation with Woloson, about FLW’s efforts, and what the regional economy might look like after the pandemic.

Discussing the future of rural schools in Upstate NY .::. Inside the FLX #232

South Seneca Superintendent Stephen Parker Zielinski is looking at ways to keep his district whole after this pandemic. It’s already become clear that a major funding loss is en route.

So, the district is working to understand what comes next. Here is our full-conversation with Zielinski as he outlines response to the pandemic, and what comes next.

Check out the full-conversation below:

Peter Mantius talks Environmental Headlines .::. Inside the FLX #231

Today on Inside the FLX a conversation with Peter Mantius. He founded The Water Front Online, which is dedicated to reporting on environmental issues in the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Western New York, and Upstate New York at-large. This week, Mantius gives an update on the four biggest environmental stories of 2020, with the context of a global pandemic, which paints a picture about how some of these issues could be handled – or shelved – in the coming months.

Conversation with Leslie Danks Burke .::. Inside the FLX #229

When Leslie Danks Burke set out to run for New York State Senate in the 58th District she could not have imagined what this campaign would look like. Even the most-astute politicians have been thrown for a loop by the Coronavirus pandemic. Traditional campaigning has been turned into virtual town hall events — conducted over Zoom or Skype. Door-to-door petitioning was shut down as it became clear that the Coronavirus was too much of a risk to have face-to-face contact. And now, primaries and special elections have been pushed to June.

That said, there’s an even greater need now for candidates to connect with voters — to learn more about the things they’re concerned about. The economy has been ground to a halt, jobless claims are in the hundreds-of-thousands in New York alone, and the healthcare system at-large was left unprepared for a crisis of this magnitude.

Conversation with Jeff Ludwig of The Seward House Museum .::. Inside the FLX #228

The Seward House in Auburn, New York is an historic landmark. It’s a space that serves a major role in local history, as well as American history. The Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19 has made running a museum and local landmark a challenge, but those who carry on the legacy haven’t given up. Jeff Ludwig, who leads the educational effort at the facility catches up with Josh Durso on Inside the FLX to discuss it all.

Those interested in looking to learn more about history at the Seward House, or any of the great virtual programming that they’re offering amid the pandemic click here. To donate click here, or become a member and support the mission.