Discussing VA outreach in rural Upstate New York .::. Inside the FLX 5/16/19

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs, or VA, tracks a lot of data. It’s a massive entity, serving over 18 million across the country. With sprawling services available – providing access to anyone would be challenging. That said, providing services to those in rural communities, which the VA estimates is somewhere around 4.7 million vets, is an even bigger challenge. Vets choose to live in rural communities for a variety of reasons. However, providing services in those communities is still vital. This week, Dr. Marek Kopacz and Kelly Mohrman of the VA Health System are in-studio discussing the work being done in form of outreach; and research to better serve vets across the board.


Discussing the YEA! Program with Students & Facilitators .::. Inside the FLX 5/2/19

Student engagement isn’t easy – but with a relatively new program, which has seen incredible results within the Finger Lakes – students are learning skills that ready them for the business world locally- and beyond. This week on Inside the FLX, LaToya Collins, YEA! Program Manager; Michael Zellers, a senior at Mynderse Academy; and Megan Marley, a freshman at Mynderse Academy were in-studio talking about the program, their experiences, and so much more.

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Previewing Taste of Spring with United Way .::. Inside the FLX 4/25/19

Spring is here.

We know this because the United Way of Seneca County is gearing up for their annual ‘Taste of Spring’ event, which will be taking place Thursday, May 9th at del Lago Resort & Casino from 5:30 – 8 p.m.

While the event is a sure sign of spring – it reinforces the importance of local partnership provided by the United Way. The United Way of Seneca County invests funds in programs that demonstrate measurable results for people who need help and to help improve the community as a whole.

Rhonda Jasper, Executive Director of the United Way; and Tammy Orlopp, Prevention and Treatment Program Director for Seneca County were in-studio discussing partnership, previewing the Taste of Spring, and much more.


Discussing the NYS budget with Michael Kracker of Unshackle Upstate .::. Inside the FLX 4/18/19

New York State has adopted a $175.5 billion budget. What does that mean for Upstate New York? Well, it has serious implications – as noted by Unshackle Upstate. Unshackle Upstate advocates on behalf of businesses and trade organizations in Upstate New York who are working to create a better, more-favorable environment for development. Michael Kracker, Director of Unshackle Upstate was in-studio discussing the ways his organization are working to correct what the fiscal 2020 budget has created.

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