Discussing ‘Courageous Beauty’ YouTube Channel .::. Inside the FLX 12/22/19

What is Courageous Beauty? Well, for one local organization – it represents something it believes in at its core. It also happens to represent a digital strategy that has proven successful. The ‘Courageous Beauty’ YouTube Channel was launched by Kylie Allen, as part of the Family Hope Center of Geneva’s digital initiative to find teens where they spend a lot of time. Check out the channel here, and listen to Allen’s conversation with Josh Durso of FingerLakes1.com on this week’s episode of Inside the FLX.


Doreen Teed of the Family Hope Center .::. Inside the FLX 11/17/19

This week on Episode #199 of Inside the FLX: A discussion with Doreen Teed, of the Family Hope Center located in Geneva, New York. The Center gives hope to families by providing pregnancy and parenting education, support services for relationships, and baby supplies.

Teed serves as executive director of the Center. The discussion focused on the importance of relationships, experience, and communication. Especially communication between parents and children.

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Reflecting on HAB season on Seneca Lake .::. Sunday Conversation 10/6/19

What’s up with all the algae?

While experts and scientists battle with the ‘what’ is causing dozens of blooms each summer in lakes around the region – spotters with one volunteer organization are putting in the work to alert residents about harmful algae blooms; and where they pop up. Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association is that organization, and Frank DiOrio was in-studio this week discussing the HAB season, as it draws to a close.

“There’s still plenty to watch on Seneca Lake; and as HAB season comes to a close, that’s where we shift our attention,” explained DiOrio who was featured in this week’s Sunday Conversation presented by FingerLakes1.com. “But we’re not going to stop. We’ll work throughout the winter to improve our reporting processes and efforts for next summer and fall.”


Casey McDonald talks campaign to challenge Rep. Reed in 23rd District .::. Sunday Conversation 9/15/19

W. Casey McDonald is running for Congress. The Republican says his challenge to incumbent Rep. Tom Reed is based on the things he’s observed over the last several years. While challenging an incumbent comes with difficulties, he’s optimistic that with the support of the 23rd Congressional District – he will be able to mount a winning primary; and general election campaign.

This week, McDonald was in-studio talking about his campaign.


Roger Misso for Congress .::. Sunday Conversation 8/18/19

Roger Misso, a Red Creek native, says he’s running because there wasn’t time to waste. The Democrat is among the field of challengers, vying for support in the 24th Congressional District to challenge Rep. John Katko, the incumbent Republican, in the 2020 election. The 24th District is a complicated one, which has flipped parties before; and is ripe for Democrats to grab if the incumbent does not deliver a strong message that resonates.

Misso discussed his candidacy, the issues, and how he plans to make the 24th Congressional District, and Central New York as a whole – a better place to live for everyone. He touts a unifying message that aims to bring together rural and urban voters – which is an important quality for anyone vying to represent the 24th.


A discussion about the health of Seneca Lake .::. Sunday Conversation 8/11/19

While officials are working overtime across the state to understand harmful algal blooms, or HABs, a variety of other water quality issues are present. In the Finger Lakes, protecting water quality is crucial – not only because of the economic impact – but the fact that the region relies on local water sources for drinking.

Ian Smith, who was named Seneca Lake Watershed Steward earlier this year, is still learning each day what that role means – but his goal is clear: Help those who work to protect, and live around-and-within the Seneca Lake watershed.

Smith was featured in this week’s Sunday Conversation inside the FingerLakes1.com Studio. He discussed his role, the biggest challenges facing the region environmentally, and what we know about those issues – even as a lot remains unknown about harmful algal blooms.


Discussing the Salvation Army’s local mission with MIke Rusinko .::. Sunday Conversation 8/4/19

The Salvation Army is much more than just a thrift store, or seasonal campaign that’s as identifiable as any in the world.

While a lot of folks think about the Red Kettle Campaign, or Salvation Army stores, of which there are several in the Finger Lakes – they are a dedicated group of volunteers that are relied on to serve these communities.

This week, we catch up with Mike Rusinko, of Lyons National Bank, who discusses the importance of The Salvation Army. He has volunteered for years with the organization locally; and has spent time recently helping advocate on their behalf.

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Ryan Wallace discusses Lake Tunnel Solar Village and the Solar Home Factory .::. Sunday Conversation Ep. #24

Lake Tunnel Solar Village is nearly full.

That was the news we learned this week, as Ryan Wallace and Lake Tunnel Solar Village announced that 19 of the 20 units inside the development had been sold. At the time, Wallace said he was confident that the last unit would be sold; and noted that if Lake Tunnel’s site along 5&20 in Geneva would have allowed 30 units, as originally planned – that goal would have been met. Wallace was in-studio this week discussing all things related to energy, homeownership, and even the proposed NYSEG/RG&E rate hikes, which mean a 5-20% bump in service fee if those entities have their way. A Public Hearing is scheduled in Rochester on Aug. 6th, where residents will have the opportunity to let the Public Service Commission know how they feel about it.

What’s next for Lake Tunnel Solar Village? The short answer is: A lot. Wallace says that the first people will move into Lake Tunnel by the end of summer – and reviews thus far by those woh are interested, or considering a move to the solar community have been outstanding.

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Emilie Sisson of the Finger Lakes Rural Health Network .::. Sunday Conversation 7/21/19

This week Josh Durso sits down with Emilie Sisson, of the Finger Lakes Rural Health Network discussing her work raising awareness and community education in rural parts of the region. Specifically, Sisson walks listeners through a unique training opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that is crucial given the realities associated with suicide prevention and awareness in the Finger Lakes. The Centers for Disease Control identified suicide as a leading cause of death and an issue of extreme importance in a recent report, and since those findings were published – communities like Seneca, Yates, and Schuyler have been working overtime to address them given the difficulty of receiving state or federal funds to fight issues like substance use disorders or mental health awareness.


Discussing the viability, safety of vaccines and religious exemptions .::. Sunday Conversation 7/14/19

Vaccines are complicated. Recently, there have been a lot of questions about them. When New York State ended religious exemptions for vaccinations – doctors began getting even more questions about their safety, viability to protect, and the ramifications for those who decide to not vaccinate their children. This week a conversation with Dr. Grace Freier and Nurse Christina Redding. The duo have these conversations every day; and now with changes coming to the regulatory landscape in New York – there is an effort to educate the community taking shape.

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Discussing the Three Bears Complex & Ovid Library .::. Sunday Conversation 7/4/19

This week on a special Independence Day edition of Sunday Conversation – two of South Seneca’s strongest advocates step into the studio to talk about the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library, The Three Bears Complex, Downtown Ovid, and how the three are using collaboration to grow well-beyond the village of Ovid’s borders. The future site of South Seneca’s very own tourism hub will play host to an interactive event coming up on July 13th called ‘Escape the Courtroom’. It’s just one of the events that is a joint-effort between the Friends of the Three Bears, and the Edith B. Ford Memorial Library.

Phyllis Motill, president of Friends of the Three Bears; and Shannon O’Connor, Edith B. Ford Memorial Library Director discuss the ways the two entities collaborate, how community involvement is quintessential to maintaining South Seneca’s growth, and what the future looks like.

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Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck .::. Sunday Conversation 6/23/19

Earlier this year Cayuga County Sheriff Brian Schenck was in-studio discussing his first month on the job following an uncontested election last fall. He succeeded longtime Sheriff David Gould. Now, Sheriff Schenck has several months under his belt. He joined us for a follow-up conversation in this week’s Sunday Conversation. He talked about policing during the summer months, recruiting concerns for law enforcement in general, and much more.

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