Newark Mayor Jonathan Taylor .::. Sunday Conversation 5/19/19

Downtown Newark is exploding with growth.

Mayor Jonathan Taylor says that growth and progress is happening thanks to perseverance of current, and past elected leaders. South Main Street has experienced the most-apparent visual overhaul. That project was worth more than $6 million, which was federally funded thanks to years of planning and studies. However, with the added bonus of overhauling the water and sewer infrastructure underneath South Main Street, total investment there is north of $11 million, according to Taylor.

It’s just a couple examples of the growth that’s happened in Newark.

This week’s Sunday Conversation is a one-on-one with Taylor, who has been serving Newark for several years now – learning more each day about the intricacies, and importance of good local government. He credits his success to his Village Board; and the high caliber staff who work for the Village.

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Karen Springmeier discussing jobs, workforce in the Finger Lakes .::. Sunday Conversation 5/12/19

Workforce development is that thing happening in the background that a lot of people take for granted in their local community.

People are looking for jobs; and despite some of the narrative surrounding the Finger Lakes Economy – there are tons of them.

Finger Lakes Works focuses on connecting employers and prospective employees. One way they do that is by assisting to fill the educational or training gap, which might stand between a person living in a rural community in the Finger Lakes – and a quality, good paying job.

Karen Springmeier, Executive Director of Finger Lakes Works was in-studio this week for’s Sunday Conversation.

She talked about the loss of Hillside in Seneca County; and discussed those efforts to enhance the workforce in the Finger Lakes.

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Mark & Kevin Henderson discuss policing, family, and more .::. Sunday Conversation 5/5/19

It’s not often that brothers share a career path. In this case, while not precisely the same – Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson and Brighton PD Chief of Police Mark Henderson have not only followed a similar career trajectory – but have grown to lead two important agencies in the region.

This week they discuss modern policing together, talk about some of the things they’ve experienced throughout their careers, and look ahead to the future of law enforcement – as agencies around the state struggle to recruit.


Looking back at 2018’s historic flood response & goals for 2019 .::. Sunday Conversation 4/28/19

It was a busy year for the American Red Cross – Finger Lakes Chapter in 2018. This year has been no different, as volunteers and staff work harder than ever to keep up with a wide-range of response efforts in the region.

Executive Director Brian McConnell was in-studio this week discussing his organization’s response to the devastating flooding in South Seneca and the Southern Tier, as well as the continued need for blood donation. He also discussed an upcoming effort to install hundreds of smoke alarms right here in the Finger Lakes.