Discussing workforce development, housing, new state laws ion the books .::. The Debrief Podcast 8/28/19

Summer is nearly over, but that only means that things are getting busier in the FL1 Studio. This week, Jackie Augustine, Ted Baker, and Josh Durso are in-studio breaking down the last two week’s biggest headlines.

Topics up for discussion on this week’s podcast include:

– The latest on the Huntington Building in Seneca Falls;
– The Finger Lakes Workforce Development Center, which officials say will be built in Downtown Rochester;
– The new law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo requiring that Industrial Development Agency meetings be live-streamed;
– Latest on the Red Flag Law and Child Victims Act;
– As well as the constant-pitch of ‘mixed use’ in local development, and the implications of that term.


Discussing the Musselman, Cuomo’s battle with Con Ed, and MORE .::. The Debrief Podcast 7/17/19

This week on The Debrief Podcast, Josh Durso is joined by Jackie Augustine and Ted Baker to discuss the week’s biggest headlines.

The trio will discuss the latest on the waste-elimination efforts in Ontario County; the future of a galvanizing plant at the former Seneca Army Depot; a recently-filled Geneva City Council seat; the latest in Seneca Falls; Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fight with Con Ed; and the future of the Musselman, which was sold to WTC.


Downtown Revitalization Initiative, 2019 Legislative Session Ends, and SUNY Prices Jump Again .::. The Debrief Podcast 6/21/19

This week on The Debrief Podcast Josh Durso and Ted Baker break down the latest headlines. The two discuss the latest on the Downtown Revitalization Initiative contest; the legislative session, which wrapped up this week; tuition increases at SUNY schools; and the still-controversial Finger Lakes Resort project in Canandaigua.

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Affordable Housing, Incinerator Bill Status, and Access to Broadband .::. The Debrief Podcast 5/17/19

This week on The Debrief Podcast – Josh Durso and Ted Baker break down the latest headlines from around the region. The two discuss rent control advocacy across the state, a vacant Geneva City Council seat, access to high speed broadband (and the implications), as well as a veto power proposal that would give new power to voters.

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