Coronavirus, local government funding, and paying the bills .::. The Weekly Debrief 4/3/20

This week on The Debrief Podcast … a little rebranding, some announcements, and of course, the headlines! Josh Durso and Ted Baker break down the week’s biggest stories. Coronavirus, local government, and the future of some communities in the region as major shortfalls loom.

Check it out on the YouTube Channel, or listen back on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Answering your questions about Novel Coronavirus | Weekly Debrief #64

This week on The Debrief Podcast, a breakdown of the most-asked questions we received in the newsroom since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak began in New York. Josh Durso and Ted Baker discuss, and look forward to a potentially permanently changed region.

Cayuga Nation, Geneva government, and primary politics .::. The Debrief Podcast 3/6/20

This week on The Debrief Podcast the team breaks down the latest headlines including results from Super Tuesday, coverage of the leadership dispute within the Cayuga Nation, possible changes in the city of Geneva, as well as changes that one host believes should come to the town of Seneca Falls.

Reader questions, sludge processing facility, and more .::. The Debrief Podcast #62

This week it’s all about YOUR questions. We’ve been collecting reader and listener questions for the last two weeks on Facebook and Twitter. Now, those questions are being broken down on Episode #62 of the Debrief Podcast.

Josh Durso and Ted Baker discuss. Watch/Listen below or check the podcast out on your favorite streaming platform (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube).