Jackie Terribile & Brian Redfield .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 9/17/19

This week on The Melissa Killeleagh Show Melissa sits down with two interesting people trying to make a difference in their world.

First up is Jackie Terribile. She’s the founder of The Small Town Stylist. To learn more about her visit www.thesmalltownstylist.com.

Second up is Brian Redfield. He’s the founder of RAD Locals. To learn more about his work visit www.RadLocals.com.

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Find Your Inner Warrior w/ Daniela Hess & James Duffy .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 7/30/19

This month on The Melissa Killeleagh Show, Melissa shares a pair of interviews with two inspirational go-getters. James Duffy, of the Warrior Mindset Project; and Daniela Hess, of the Radiant Living School at the Yoga Farm took time to chat with Melissa about their work, their goals, and hopes for those working to improve themselves.


Gary Mann of The Rescue Mission .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 6/25/19

Gary Mann, Regional Program Manager of the Rescue Mission joined Melissa Killeleagh on this week’s edition of the Melissa Killeleagh Show. He discusses his work, and the impact that work has the community-at-large.

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