Cuomo signs big changes into law, Geneva gets back to basics, and ethics in politics .::. The Debrief Podcast 1/25/19

This week on The Debrief Podcast a number of state measures, that have either been proposed or signed into law are discussed. Josh Durso and Jackie Augustine look at the biggest issues that lie ahead for New York State as they move toward a number of progressive legislative pieces.

Here are the stories, topics, and questions discussed on this week’s program:

Cuomo signs early-voting into law on Thursday
The LLC loophole gets closed … or does it?
Cuomo proposes banning mugshots and police reports
Teacher evaluations changing in New York
Cuomo signs Reproductive Health Act into law
Fallout continues from proposal to gut AIM
– What should happen to the assets of convicted politicians?
– Geneva getting back to basics of Comprehensive Plan

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