Episode 02 ..::.. The Art of Charcuterie

In the second-ever episode of The Sauce, topics of discussion range from the Amazon.com cloud option for digital music storage, the summer concert line-up at Darien Lake, those who choose to wear pajama pants in public, and the art of charcuterie.

We apologize in advance for some audio issues with portions of this week’s podcast. If at times, we sound like spacemen from another dimension, just imagine we’re on a spacewalk. If you hear some occasional crackling, just imagine we’re opening Christmas presents wrapped in wax paper. Honestly, the audio quality is not as good as we would like this week, but it’s not that bad or we wouldn’t have posted it.

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Direct Link — Episode 02 ..::.. The Art of Chartutery (44 mb, 1:01:55)

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