Episode 22 ..::.. Keister The G Tile

Every wonder about the origins of the high-five? So do we. Dandy Aaron D takes to the Internet to find an answer. This question is born out of an extensive conversation about handshaking which was born out of a conversation about a handshaking ceremony gone wrong after the San Francisco 49ers vs. Detroit Lions game this past Sunday. Enjoy… and please keep the Listener Mail coming!

Episode 22 ..::.. Keister The G Tile

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Warning: Some Explicit Content

Links Mentioned In This Episode:

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.::. Meek Mill (official website)  http://www.meekmilldreamteam.com
.::. James Southerland’s Dunk at SU’s Midnight Madness (video)  http://youtu.be/wEusHqqO-XY