Episode 26 ..::.. Dandy Takes In The Big D

Dandy Aaron D is back from Dallas and Angry Brad sits in for Media Stu during our 1-day-delayed 26th Episode. Julie Lovelass of KeepItKleen.com calls into the show to scare the living hell out of us, we learn that it is not good idea to commit crimes when there is snow on the ground, and a debate over which torture device is more effective, the hammer or the fork. We’re here every week, folks. Have a listen!

Episode 26 ..::.. Dandy Takes In The Big D

Warning: Some Explicit Content

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Links mentioned in this episode:

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.::. 16% of cellphones have poop on them (Infographic)  http://mashable.com/2011/11/09/tech-germs/
.::. Rate My Poo (Warning: Disgusting)  http://www.ratemydoodie.com
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