Exploring the Keuka Outlet Trail .::. Around the Lakes 6/14/18

Getting engaged in the Finger Lakes has never been easier.

The Keuka Outlet Trail is one of the region’s most-celebrated historical attractions, and the organization behind it is asking that the public continue getting involved.


“We’ve seen great progress over the last several years,” explained Phillip Rahr, who serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for ‘Friends of the Outlet, Inc.’ The organization owns the trail, which makes them unique to some other community trails in the Finger Lakes – but that hasn’t prevented them from making great progress. “We’re always pursuing new options and ideas when it comes to getting more people out at the trail. Having Keuka College nearby is an asset, and the community as a whole welcomes us with open arms.”

They host events throughout the year, and during the spring, summer, and fall months see people turnout from around, and even beyond the region to experience nature at its finest in Yates County. “It’s unique in that it really does connect the entire county,” he explained. “The trail is accessible, and we’re always working on ways to make the experience even better for those who might want to walk, run, bike, or even just photograph the scenery.”

The events hosted on the trail are not limited to physical ones, according to Rahr. He noted events range from artistic expression, to mindfulness walks – aimed at helping people disengage from a stressful day.

Getting involved with the organization has never been easier, either. Simply head over to their Facebook Page or website to learn more about the organization. Featuring more than 300 members, the Friends of the Trail is one of the most-established community organization in the region. “Our goal is to reach 500 members by the end of the year,” added Rahr, who was optimistic that the goal could be reached.

Here are some helpful links if you want to learn more about the Keuka Outlet Trail, or Friends of the Outlet, Inc.:

Facebook: @KeukaOutletTrail
Instagram: @KeukaOutletTrail
Website: www.KeukaOutletTrail.org