Exploring Upstate Founder Chris Clemens .::. Sunday Conversation 3/31/19

Exploring is one of the most-essential functions of human existence. Our curiosity is often sparked by the thing that’s unknown, or the things we know less about. It’s the pursuit of knowledge, information, and other people.

It’s been more than a half-dozen years since Chris Clemens founded Exploring Upstate. It’s a blog, dedicated to exploring the ‘best’ the many region’s of Upstate New York have to offer.

He writes about history, food, unique trends in Upstate Life, and much more. And while it may seem simplistic in design: Travel to a community, talk to people in that community, then, write about the experience – it’s one that has caught on.

New York is big; and while many on the outside may think of New York City – when the state is mentioned – Clemens has found that the stories in unique, small communities Upstate are just as interesting.

Check out the Exploring Upstate blog, and listen to him discuss his experiences, as well as a few newsworthy topics – like the boundaries of Upstate New York; and the ever-growing argument that New York is doomed, and losing it’s ability to retain residents.