Historic Preservation as Economic Development .::. Inside the FLX 9/20/19

What is historic preservation? The Town of Seneca Falls has a commission dedicated to it, but it’s not an isolated practice. Stakeholders say that the phrasing – ‘historic preservation’ – is far from ideal. The goal of historic preservation is to find ways to preserve and bolster local history; and utilize it as an economic driver.

It could mean saving a building, instead of demolishing it – as has been the debate with the Huntington Building in Seneca Falls. It could also mean giving life to something that isn’t in danger of being knocked down, but simply hasn’t been utilized.

There are tax credits, grants, and more available for developers and residents who want to preserve these structures in historic districts. This week, we answer some of the most-common questions about historic preservation, and get a look at how different agencies work together with small, rural communities to preserve local history.

Erin Tobin, Vice President for Policy and Preservation at the Preservation League of New York State; and Emil Bove, a local attorney based out of Seneca Falls discuss all of these things and more.