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Legend of Flare.net .::. The Sauce Pod #112

This week Carl jumps out of the chatroom and into the studio for a Flare.net reunion from the pioneering days of dial-up Internet access here in the Finger Lakes. Also, new statistics are out on drunk walking, a special secret announcement for Android phone users, and guess who got another hole-in-one this year?

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Episode 17 .::. Sprints and Advertising

Dean Reynolds joins Mike Mallett and Chris Marquart for a discussion about the Empire Super Sprints, the Daytona 500, and all the racing from down in Florida. Dean dropped a compliment of shameless self-promotions, and we welcomed Matt Billings to the show to talk about becoming a sprint car owner by default and running his modified at Brockville, Cornwall and Mohawk International. Dean also gave periodic updates on the New York Yankees preseason game.
Episode 17
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Episode 13 ..::.. Just The Fax

Media Stu and Dandy Warrior Dashin’ D fill us in on the results from the Warrior Dash they competed in last weekend.  Stu’s News, Golf Tips with Tony Sometimes, Listener Mail and ideas for future segments round out our unlucky 13th episode.

Dandy Warrior Dashing D

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** Correction: Keegan Bradley earned $1.4 million for his PGA Championship win, not $400k at Tony stated

Episode 01 ..::.. It’s A Good Sauce!

We made a podcast!

What’s in The Sauce:

Tablet Computers & Smart Phones… Friend or Foe?
You know it’s summer when they’re rockin’ at CMAC!
Phish Coming To Watkins Glen in July
Hot Sauce Committee Part 2
And so much more…

Have a listen and let us know what you think at info@thesaucepod.com!

Direct Link — the-sauce-episode01-2011-0509.mp3 (1:04:53 .::. 31 mb)

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