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Egg Fettucini Alla Carbonara .::. Episode 27

This week, a unique, light pasta dish featuring egg and pancetta. Also, a variation on Antonina’s famous house salad dressing is revealed. Join Jim & Marilyn Bero for some great recipes and ideas you can take into your own kitchen.


Heat in a large pot
5 ounces of pancetta cut into 1/2 inch strips in 1 tablespoon of olive oil
Add t tablespoon fresh black pepper
Cook for 7 minutes and remove from the heat
Separate 6 eggs
Boil 1 pound Egg Fettucini in salted water till al dente

Drain and reserve 2/3 cup of pasta water
Return pot with pancetta to medium heat
Add reserved pasta water
Add egg whites, whisk until frothy
Add cooked pasta and 1/3 cup grated pecorino cheese
Remove from heat and add yolk, stir into pasta, garnish with parsley and cheese

Found on Bridge Street Bridge with the help of Peter Koch
Interpreted by Jim Bero

In a salad bowl 2 tablespoons of Gem Oil ( if you can’t find Gem oil use 1 tablespoon if olive oil and 1 tablespoon of canola oil)
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
Add 1/8/teaspoon of garlic powder, season with salt and pepper and mix in a metal bowl
Add iceberg lettuce or 2 inch slices of escarole washed, drained and dried
Mix well to coat (use your hands)
Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and dried oregano

Linguine with clams sauce

Heat in a large pot 6 tablespoons olive oil, 3 minced garlic cloves, cook for 1 minute
Add 6 tablespoons of dry white wine, 1/8 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes, 2 dozen small clams
Cook 5 minutes, shaking the pan until the clams start to open
Remove clams to a bowl

Add 1 pound cooked pasta ( al dente) and 1/2 cup pasta water to the clam broth and wine.
Heat and stir
Add clams, toss, cook 2 minutes
Stir in a 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley and serve.

from the provence of Pulgia

Heat in a large pot, 2 tablespoon butter, 2 cups sliced scallions including the green ends
2 cups cleaned and chopped escarole, salt and pepper to taste,
cook for 3 minutes
Add 6 cups of hot chicken stock, bring to a boil and add very slowly 1 cup of semolina stirring
cover ,simmer for 20 minutes
Add 1 can drained cannelini beans
heat for 3 minutes
Serve topped with grated parmesan and sprinkling of olive oil

Congratulations Romulus & Missing Antonina's .::. 3/18/14

This week, Kenny congratulates the State Champion Romulus Lady Warriors. Also, a look ahead at Syracuse’s road in the NCAA Tournament and missing a St. Patrick’s Day tradition in Seneca Falls this year.

Super Weekend Recap .::. 2/4/14

Kenny Haas recaps Super Bowl XLVII and gives his thoughts on Syracuse’s big win over Duke in the Carrier Dome on Saturday, and Notre Dame on Monday night.

Missing Antonina's .::. 1/28/14

This week Kenny bids farewell to an iconic restaurant in Seneca Falls, Antonina’s. Also, a recap of the Grammy’s, some thoughts on security at the Sochi Olympics and the Super Bowl, and a look ahead to Syracuse’s big game with Duke in the Dome on Saturday.

A Fine Southern Gentleman .::. Episode 123

Zack Supernova makes a return to the studio for Episode 123 where we discuss ABC News coverage of the Seneca County murder trial of Karl Karlsen. Also, the worst Halloween candies, the benefits of a standing desk, and one way a group in Dallas is working to save the black rhino.

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Episode 33 ..::.. Where Are You Banana Sam?

We head into the New Year a man down in the studio on the 2nd day of 2012.  A recap of the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop atop Antonina’s in Seneca Falls, Saucey Joe’s impressions of Twitter after a month on board and the world-wide search for Banana Sam as he flees the humans that confined him.
Episode 33 ..::.. Where are you Banana Sam?
Warning: Some Explicit Content
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Episode 32 ..::.. The Party You Are Trying To Reach

The fellas from The Sauce gather on the evening after Christmas to talk about our favorite gifts and resolutions for the upcoming New Year. We also reach out, via telephone, to all those people who promised to make a guest appearance in the studio, but ultimately bagged us. This is the last one of the year… see you in 2012!

Episode 32 ..::.. The Party You Are Trying To Reach

Warning: Some Explicit Content
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.::.  Facebook helps Pittsburgh Police nab burglars  http://www.wpxi.com/news/30056803/detail.html
.::.  Ball Drop in Seneca Falls 2010 (video)  http://vimeo.com/8485577