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Instacart, Herons & Thinking Spring .::. FLX Weekly 4/10/19

Join Jessica Lahr, Sydney Rogers, Josh Durso and Jim Sinicropi for another edition of FLX Weekly. We are well into the month of April and the weather can vary from wintry and oppressive to summer-like and pleasant. Which is in store for the region this weekend? Round-up your week in the Finger Lakes and check out some great local photos from the past few days.


Wild-water in Shortsville, Wild-life in local photos & Wild-weather shortens our spring .::. FLX Weekly 4/25/18

We’ve been talking about the upcoming spring since late February, but the last FLX Weekly of April is here and we’re still waiting for a breakthrough in the weather. We had a taste early this week, but will it last? Also, they’ll be riding the rapids in Shortsville and Manchester this weekend and we’ll fill you in on all the details. We’ll take you through some fantastic local wildlife photos, discuss the week’s top local news and preview the weekend sports line-up.


Will the never ending winter ever end? .::. FLX Weekly 4/18/18

As we move into the second half of April, we’re still waiting for winter to end here in the Finger Lakes. On this week’s edition of FLX Weekly we’ll tell you if the end is in sight, round up the week’s top local stories, check out some of our favorite local photos from the past several days, round-up your sports weekend ahead and highlight a pair of weekend events.


West side Seneca wine trailin’ & weekend warm-up .::. FLX Weekly 4/11/18

Join Sydney Rogers, Jim Sinicropi & Josh Durso for a round-up of your week, and a warmer weekend ahead, here in the Finger Lakes. Check out a photo gallery of a Saturday spend on the wineries along the west side of Seneca Lake, get your weekend forecast, discuss the top local news of the week and enjoy some great local photos from across the region over the past several days.


April is here but where’s spring? .::. FLX Weekly 4/4/18

Join Sydney Rogers, Jim Sinicropi and Josh Durso for this week’s edition of FLX Weekly and round-up the top stories and news at FingerLakes1.com, the top local photos from the past several days, this weekend’s sports line-up and your local weather outlook. April is here, but the spring weather certainly isn’t. Find out when we will finally see a warm-up in the Finger Lakes.


No April Fools on Easter Weekend edition .::. FLX Weekly 3/28/18

Finally, April arrives this weekend and we celebrate Easter on Sunday… two sure signs of Spring! On this week’s edition of FLX Weekly Sydney Rogers, Josh Durso & Jim Sinicropi will fill you in on the weekend weather outlook, local events, the week’s top local news stories and a busy sports weekend that includes the return of baseball and the NCAA basketball Final Four.


April is here and it won’t be long now .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 4/5/17

Join Jessica Lahr, Josh Durso, Jim Sinicropi and Jessamy Uticone for the first episode of FLX Weekly for the month of April. See what the weather looks like for the upcoming weekend, talk about the fact that the Fingerlakes Mall is up for sale, and see the great local photos sent in by our users over the past week…

Episode 42 ..::.. Something For Every Month

Would you say March came in like a Lion? If so, you can bet the corn won’t be knee high by the Fourth of July.  Ever had to kill a wild animal with a shovel?  If so, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. One, two, buckle my shoe… it’s the 42nd time we did this.
Episode 42
Direct Link To Download:  the-sauce-pod-42-2012-0305.mp3 (70.7 mb, 1:13:39) | Listen on Stitcher
a recorded video webcast of our latest episode at FingerLakes1.TV.