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Best of The Sauce Vol. 01 .:. Episode 147

The first of a series of our best conversations and moments over the first 3 years on the Internet. We go all the way back to Episode One, relive the first time we met Scott Bernstein (Fugitive Recovery Agent), travel with Dandy Aaron D to the Marlboro Ranch, and learn about carp candy from Ax Nasty on the Fishing Hole. Finally, the day we revealed what half the people do on this planet that the other half has no idea they are doing.

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Episode 50 ..::.. Ain’t We Lucky We Got ‘Em

Media Stu returns after a two week hiatus to find a remodeled FingerLakes1.com Studio. In this, our first and only 50th episode, we take a look back at episodes past and discuss potential seedings for a television sit-com bracket challenge. Have a watch. Have a listen.

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the recorded video webcast of our latest episode at FingerLakes1.TV.

Episode 32 ..::.. The Party You Are Trying To Reach

The fellas from The Sauce gather on the evening after Christmas to talk about our favorite gifts and resolutions for the upcoming New Year. We also reach out, via telephone, to all those people who promised to make a guest appearance in the studio, but ultimately bagged us. This is the last one of the year… see you in 2012!

Episode 32 ..::.. The Party You Are Trying To Reach

Warning: Some Explicit Content
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a recorded video webcast of our latest episode at FingerLakes1.TV.

Links Mentioned in this Episode:
.::.  Color Him Orange: The Jim Boeheim Story  http://www.amazon.com/Color-Him-Orange-Boeheim…
.::.  Facebook helps Pittsburgh Police nab burglars  http://www.wpxi.com/news/30056803/detail.html
.::.  Ball Drop in Seneca Falls 2010 (video)  http://vimeo.com/8485577

Episode 05 ..::.. It’s Gotta Be A Demont’s Special

This week in The Sauce… The first ever guest of the podcast, local fisherman Ax Nasty, joins us for a recap and discussion of the 2011 Finger Lakes Carp Derby held this past Sunday in Waterloo, NY. The story of the night the drop-ceiling came down at Red’s Place in Seneca Falls. Also, we try to answer several important questions such as… Did you catch the Karate Kid marathon on TV this weekend? What’s up with all the little people kicking themselves in the head on YouTube? And, how will the NFL Lockout affect Fantasy Football League drafts later this summer? Serious questions for serious times.

Direct Link to Download: the-sauce-episode05-2011-0613.mp3 (78.59 mb, 01:21:52)

Links mentioned in this episode:

.::.  The Finger Lakes Carp Derby (Official Site)  http://www.fingerlakescarpderby.com/
.::.  Finger Lakes Carp Derby Winner Photo  http://www.fingerlakesdailynews.com/news/details…
.::.  Josh’s 8 lb. Lake Trout (Photo)  http://www.fingerlakes1.com/temporary/senecafalls061311y.jpg
.::.  Cyprinus Carpio (Common Carp)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carp
.::.  The Karate Kid  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087538/
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.::.  The Karate Kid Part III  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097647/
.::.  Media Stu’s Top Bob Dylan Classics  http://thesaucepod.com/2011/05/bob-dylan-70th-birthday/
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.::.  Racing Stripes (Movie)  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0376105/
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.::.  Videos of Little People Kicking Themselves in the Head  http://www.youtube.com/results…