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Orange wins against Boston College & Bills playoff odds are slim .::. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 11/27/18

Join your host Kenny on the newest episode of Kenny’s 2 Pennies where your host takes you through hot topics such as Syracuse Orange’s win against Boston College, Buffalo Bills chances to make the playoffs, the upcoming It’s a Wondeful Life 5K and more!


Thanksgiving Week Special Edition .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 11/21/18

On the day before Thanksgiving, join Jessica Lahr, Sydney Rogers, Josh Durso and Jim Sinicropi to talk about the holiday weekend ahead. Check out two ways to make cranberry sauce as we sample them both in-studio and we share some great local photos from the last wintry week here in the Finger Lakes.


Thanksgiving Weekend Edition .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 11/22/17

Join Jessica Lahr, Josh Durso and Jim Sinicropi live inside the FingerLakes1.com Studios for a special Thanksgiving holiday edition of FLX Weekly. Find out everything that’s happening in the region over the next few days, get your weekend weather outlook, discuss the top local news stories of the week and check out our favorite photos of the week.


Thanksgiving Weekend in the Finger Lakes .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 11/23/16

Join Jessica Lahr, Jim Sinicropi, Jessamy Uticone and Josh Durso as we get ready for the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend ahead. We look back on the season’s first winter storm, look at the top news stories of the week here at FingerLakes1.com, and take a look at the long weekend’s local sports and event options.

Hello Holidays 2014 .::. Episode 81

Cassy and Tiffany are in studio and getting excited about the upcoming holidays with only a week left in October! Join the Lake to Lake Girls as they talk about traditions, Black Friday, and childhood memories.

Looking For Submarines .::. Episode 55

Join Amanda and Tiffany as they take you back to the 60’s with slang that was popular back then and what it means now! Also, listen in as they talk about their Thanksgiving and Black Friday adventures. Not to mention, Tiffany reveals a New Year secret.

Black Friday Takeover .::. Episode 52

Amanda and Tiffany are back and Black Friday is on the list! Join the Lake to Lake Girls as they talk about the not so Thanksgiving Holiday as it morphs into another commercialized holiday instead of being about giving thanks for what we have.

Episode 79 ..::.. The Marlboro Man

This week we get a surprise visit from Rocco with a fresh new flavor of chicken wing to share. Also, you won’t believe the amount of merchandise and perks that Dandy Aaron D regularly gets from Marlboro and Tony Sometimes fills you in on some hot Black Friday tech deals. What a way to kick off your Thanksgiving Week… spend an hour or so with us in the Sauce Pod.
Episode 79
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..::.. Turkey Decapitation Compilation (video courtesy of Roger)
..::.. A Man Drink Like That… (video courtesy of Mysterious Taco Girl)


Episode 06 ..::.. Thanksgiving Holiday Special

Join Amanda and Tiffany as they discuss how to not bust you wallet, waistline and some holiday traditions. Also find out how to keep sane throughout the holiday season especially when it comes to FAMILY!

Episode 28 ..::.. The Longtalking Producer

This week in the Sauce Tony Sometimes gives you his top 6 tips for trimming your Christmas tree. Also, a podcast primer, some Name That Tune, an ever-informative Stu’s News, Dandy bans not one, but two Facebook friends, and Tony’s daughter makes her podcasting debut. If you like Christmas, naming tunes, and podcasts by 6-year-olds, this is the episode for you.

Episode 28 ..::.. The Longtalking Producer

Warning: Some Explicit Content

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