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Dyllan Rohrbach ..::.. Crash Course #269

We catch up with Dyllan Rohrbach on a special Tuesday night edition. Hope you enjoy the conversation on Episode #269 of the Crash Course Podcast.

Eric Mulay stepping away from Calisota Style ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #255

The Hammer Eric Mulay, due to health concerns, is stepping down from Team Calisota Style. Karson Dixon joins us on the back half, and we wish Joker Matt Groeschl a speedy recovery.

Hammy Hamilton, Ed Brewster, Shawn McCollum ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #253

We catch up with Hammy Hamilton, who his now recovering at home following a hip injury at Blizzard Bash. Then, we follow up on Winter Warzone II with Shawn McCollum, and cap our hour with Ed Brewster, who is releasing new rules and new RC derby body designs in 2019.

Teddy Papadopoulos and Jacob Pruismann ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #252

We talk to Teddy Papadopoulos about the outpouring of support offered to his son and family at Blizzard Bash and his weekend, and then to Jacob Pruismann, who worked with team GWC to win the Qualifying Bracket at Blizzard Bash.