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Kiskadden, Sickles, Mann, McCullough, Buried Alive ..::.. Crash Course #329

The northeast enjoyed some hard-hitting derby action over the two days of TJ McCullough’s Buried Alive Derby in Cumberland, MD. We will talk with $10,000-class winner Tim Mann, two-event winner Steven Sickles, Rumble winner Ken Kiskadden and McCullough in this episode.

A Team Focused Monday ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #298

This Monday’s edition welcomes Brett Relyea to the studio to discuss Team Smith Metal Works’ win at the Sin City Showdown. We will follow up with the second set of team winners from Stirrin Dirt’s Vegas classic next week. Also scheduled, we wrap up our 2019 Blizzard Bash Coverage. First, we talk with Team Heavy D representatives Jackson Bernstein and John Hase, who won the Qualifying Bracket. We will finish up with Rob Heuer, who ran with Team Caddy Nation in winning the Limited Weld bracket.

Thoughts from Kansylvania, MN Madness at Blizzard Bash X ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #297

We kick off our indepth Champions Recaps from Blizzard Bash X with a conversation with Team Kansylvania and MN Madness.
Kansylvania’s Chad Markley and Justin Montgomery became three-time winners in the National Bracket, and MN Madness backed up their success at Capital City Carnage with a team win in the compact bracket.

Jeff Clark wins, Recapping Chaos and More ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #248

Jeff “Fatty” Clark takes the win at Battle at the Border and we recap all the happenings at the epic Chaos in the Valley 9.

Kings of Old School Recap .::. Crash Course #87

Kings of Old School winner Johnathan Furr joins us by phone, and we welcome Brett Relyea in studio. We then talk with Sam Williams about what Ultimate Derby has been up to.

Clark, Bash for Cash, McPhie ..::.. Crash Course Episode 75

In a milestone 75th Episode, we chat with crowd favorite TJ McPhie in Utah, and then welcome Tim Clark with Smash It Demolition Derbies to break some monumental news regarding their Bash for Cash event. We also welcome Mark Benjamin and Brett Relyea to discuss with Clark Youth Demolition Derbies, and how hosts get them covered by insurance providers.

Bo Lockwood; Kings of Old School ..::.. Crash Course #63

We talk with the promotion and inspection staff overseeing the June 6 Kings of Old School, with Brett Relyea and Mark Benjamin joining Josh Decker in studio. On the line we will have Bo Lockwood, who is hosting a massive stock show May 9 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Brookville, PA. Available online: www.fingerlakes1.tv … Check back here for an on-demand show link and the MP3 download after the show is over!!

For more on Kings of Old School, visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kingsofoldschoolderby

Rules & info: http://www.smashedempiremedia.com/kingofoldschool2015.html

Brookville Spring Derby: https://www.facebook.com/events/610549452406913/?ref=br_tf

Bo Lockwood Motorsports website: http://www.blmotorsports.net/

Crash Course Gear: shop.smashedempire.com


Kings of Old School, Jason Koch ..::.. Crash Course #54

This week, we discuss with Brett Relyea the upcoming Kings of Old School event at Broome County Fairgrounds next June. Then, we talk with Tom Brook FD Benefit Derby winner Jason Koch, held Saturday at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds in Woodstock, VA.

Harford Fair Recap w/ Matt Kilmer & Brett Relyea ..::.. Episode 5

This week, 2012 Harford Fair Champion Brett Relyea joins us in studio with Harford veteran Josh Decker, and two-time Stock Class Champion Matt Kilmer joins us by phone.