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The Roll Hollows .::. Episode 146

Media Stu returns for Dandy Aaron D’s final episode as we discuss the theology, how modern musicians make money and butter beans. In the news, a machete fight in Florida, a real “stick-up” at Baskin-Robbins, and did Jose Salvador Alvarenga eat his shipmate? You decide on Episode #146 of The Sauce.


Programming Note: We will be shifting to a bi-weekly publishing schedule over the summer. We will be re-releasing our favorite episodes on the off-weeks.

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Episode 56 ..::.. You Totally Can’t Have That

Angry Brad is in studio to talk about all the recent acts of cannibalism in the news, an offer to service Dandy’s bulldog, lackadaisical laws of the Nordic nations, and the silliness of the Japanese people. All that, and a chance to meet Eric Kelly, Wall Street boxing coach. It’s another Monday night in the Sauce Pod! Jump in America.
Episode 56
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