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Where The Wild Wings Are .::. FLX Crossroads

Brad and Marc take you to the Seneca County spots that make their favorite chicken wings. There’s more to the wing that meets the eye. Get back in the kitchen and see how it’s done. First stop, is Ciccino’s in downtown Waterloo, home of the original char-broiled wings. Then, they head south to the Groggery at the site of the former Fayette Hotel. Finally. a visit to the restaurant that holds the title for World’s Best Chicken Wing.

Episode 79 ..::.. The Marlboro Man

This week we get a surprise visit from Rocco with a fresh new flavor of chicken wing to share. Also, you won’t believe the amount of merchandise and perks that Dandy Aaron D regularly gets from Marlboro and Tony Sometimes fills you in on some hot Black Friday tech deals. What a way to kick off your Thanksgiving Week… spend an hour or so with us in the Sauce Pod.
Episode 79
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..::.. Turkey Decapitation Compilation (video courtesy of Roger)
..::.. A Man Drink Like That… (video courtesy of Mysterious Taco Girl)


Episode 17 ..::.. Rating Wings With Dings

The much anticipated chicken wing rating episode is here! Listen to us eat chicken wings from 7 establishments in the Seneca Falls/Waterloo area and subsequently rate them with dings. See who’s wings get the most dings! Right on the rack with a touch of brown… Kills 99% of germs TONIGHT!


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Episode 16 ..::.. Don Pepino, Where Are You?

What’s better after a long holiday weekend than waking up to find a brand new episode of The Sauce. This week we let you know what to do when you find someone sleeping on your lawn, what was hot at St. Anthony’s Festival in Seneca Falls, and Media Stu fills you in on the Fall TV line-up. Also, Dandy, Joe and Stu match musical wits in a good old fashioned game of name that tune. Have at it!

Episode 16 ..::.. Don Pepino, Where Are You?

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