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The Orange hoops swoon & the Minneapolis Miracle .::. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 1/16/18

Kenny Haas talks about Syracuse basketball’s four-game losing streak and reacts to the amazing finish in Minneapolis as the Vikings stunned the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Also, his thoughts on President Trump’s use of profanity.


Trump’s first days & del Lago is here .::. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 1/31/17

Kenny Haas gives his thoughts on Donald Trump’s first days in office and talks about the long awaited grand opening of del Lago Resort & Casino in northern Seneca County. Also, a rundown on the resurgent Syracuse basketball team.

The Inaugural Circus is in Town .::. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 1/17/17

This week Kenny rants on the circus surrounding Trump Inauguration Week, the New England Patriots and the NFL Conference Championship match-ups and the inconsistent Syracuse basketball team. Speaking of circus, Kenny has some thoughts on the closing down of Ringling Brothers.

I’ll bend George Stephanopoulos like Beckham ..::.. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 1/10/17

On this week’s show, Kenny rails on Meryl Streep, George Stephanopoulos, Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants, and surveys the high school basketball scene in northern Seneca County.