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Home Intrusions .::. Episode 143

This week on The Sauce Pod, what would you do in the case of a home intrusion? This week we discuss an intrusion by a pack of Philadelphia women, a duck who snuck into a Massachusetts home, and whose home to steer clear of if you value your feet. Also, a strange reason an orthopedic surgeon is in trouble and let’s give it up for the many great places in Auburn!

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Episode 70 ..::.. Sauce Pod Superlatives

Find out everyone’s senior superlatives and discover the origins of the extra-point after a touchdown in American football. Also, a bad day for a Turkish Duck, a Florida woman who wreaks havoc during a hook-up, why a crowd in Los Angeles was chanting “we want money”, and much, much more. Spend an hour with us in studio… and that’s one to grow on.
Episode 70
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Episode 42 ..::.. Something For Every Month

Would you say March came in like a Lion? If so, you can bet the corn won’t be knee high by the Fourth of July.  Ever had to kill a wild animal with a shovel?  If so, this is an episode you don’t want to miss. One, two, buckle my shoe… it’s the 42nd time we did this.
Episode 42
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