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Your Easter Weekend ahead in the Finger Lakes .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 4/17/19

As we move past the half-way point of April it is starting to feel more and more like Spring in the Finger Lakes. Easter Sunday is coming up this weekend and we’ll have your weather outlook and some options for brunch around the region. Also, an update on Sydney’s Instacart side-gig, reaction to Tiger Woods’ big win on Sunday and some great local photos from across the Finger Lakes over the past few days.


No April Fools on Easter Weekend edition .::. FLX Weekly 3/28/18

Finally, April arrives this weekend and we celebrate Easter on Sunday… two sure signs of Spring! On this week’s edition of FLX Weekly Sydney Rogers, Josh Durso & Jim Sinicropi will fill you in on the weekend weather outlook, local events, the week’s top local news stories and a busy sports weekend that includes the return of baseball and the NCAA basketball Final Four.


Easter Weekend in the Finger Lakes .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 4/12/17

With our first taste of warm spring weather in the books we look forward to Easter Weekend with a look at the top stories of the week here in the Finger Lakes and your first look at the weekend weather, sports and events line-up. Also, check out our favorite local photos from the past several days on FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr, Jim Sinicropi, Josh Durso and Jessamy Uticone on FingerLakes1.TV and YouTube…

Chronicles of Willoughby .:. Episode 145

Tony Sometimes gives a quick review of the Samsung Galaxy Note S5 smartphone, we exchange stories of Easter, learn a great brussels sprout recipe, talk about the cool photo editing tools Google has at your disposal, and meet Willoughby, a new friend of Saucy Joe’s young squire.

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Bero’s Easter Dinner .::. Episode 28

This week, see what the Bero’s are making for Easter Sunday and learn to make a delicious, fresh spring salad with oranges and asparagus. Also, a review of Finger Lakes Tea Company and the Dim Sum they serve at the outlet mall in Waterloo.

orange, olive, fennel on a bed of escarole and arugula

2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice
pepper, dried dill and mint
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
Pinch of sugar & salt to taste

Mix in a metal bowl
washed and chopped escarole and arugula, 4 oranges ( rind removed) into 1/4 inch slices, 1 red onion thinly sliced
1 fennel bulb thinly sliced
Place on a large flat salad plate and top with kalamata olives, crumbled feta, cooked black beans lentils. or garbanzo beans and serve


5 pound boneless leg of lamb, rub with olive oil and dijon mustard
Mix: 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon dried rosemary, 1 teaspoon dried thyme and 1 teaspoon of garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
Sprinkle mixture over the lamb
Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate over night
2 hours before roasting , remove plastic.
Place on a roasting rack, let sit for 2 hours at room temperature

Mix: 4 pounds yukon gold potatoes, peeled and cut into quarters, 2 lemons cut into quarters,
1 head of garlic cut in half,1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of dry rosemary
Place potato mixture in a roasting pan push to side of pan
Make room for lamb and rack in the center,bake at 350 degree for 11/2 to 2 hours ( internal temperature 130 degrees
Let lamb sit for 20 minutes
Slice and serve with lemon potatoes

Easter desert from Campania

Line a sieve with cheese cloth, set over a bowl.
Add 31/2 cup of ricotta cover with plastic, drain in refrigerator overnight
In a large bowl whisk to pale 5 egg yolks, 3/4 cup of sugar
Add: drained ricotta, zest of 1 orange and zest of 1 lemon
Add 1/2 cup heavy cream, 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon, 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, pinch of salt
Fold in 1/2 cup golden raisins that have been soaked in 3 tablespoons rum for 2 hours
Beat 3 egg whites to firm peaks, gently fold into ricotta mixture
Grease a 8 inch spring form pan with softened butter, sprinkle with panko bread crumbs to coat pan, shake off excess.
Add ricotta mixture, bake in preheated 375 degree oven for 1 hour and 10 minutes, until top is golden.
Let cool, serve at room temperature
Serve with fresh fruit ( strawberries or blueberries).

from the province of Pulgia

Heat: in a large pot, 2 teaspoons butter, 2 cups sliced scallions 2 cups cleaned and chopped escarole, salt and pepper to taste
cook for 3 minutes
Add: 6 cups of hot chicken stock, bring to boil and add very slowly 1 cup of semolina stirring continually.
cover, simmer for 20 minutes
Add : 1 can of drained cannelini beans
Heat for 3 minutes
Serve topped with grated parmesan and a sprinkling of olive oil.

Episode 22 ..::.. Spring Has Sprung!

Amanda and Tiffany are all about Spring!!! Join them as they discuss everything Spring, make a bucket list for the season, discuss work-outs, Easter funnies and of course awesome April Fools Pranks!!! Also, Amanda and Tiffany need your help! What would be the perfect April Fools Day Prank for us to pull?!?!?! We want to film it and show everyone on the following episode! Let us know on our Facebook Page at facebook.com/laketolakegirls.