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The dog days of winter & Facebook birthdays .::. FLX Weekly 2/21/18

Join Jessica Lahr, Jim Sinicropi & Josh Durso for a look at your upcoming weekend in the Finger Lakes and a round-up of the top news, local photos and activities at FingerLakes1.com this week. Will the extraordinarily warm weather continue. Is spring finally here? Also, how do you handle your birthday on Facebook?


Has spring actually sprung? .::. FLX Weekly with Jessica Lahr 2/22/17

Join Jessica Lahr, Josh Durso, Jim Sinicropi and Jessamy Uticone to round-up your week here in the Finger Lakes. Area residents are currently being treated to a dose of early spring weather, but how long will it last? Has spring actually sprung? Join the discussion and make plans for your weekend ahead…

Linksoul shoutout for FL Golfer Pod on Facebook

The fine folks at Linksoul sent over some gear for the crew at the Finger Lakes Golfer Podcast to sample and review and after the episode responded with the following post on the company’s official Facebook page…

Real talk. Guys… we like to think our stuff is good. But it's feedback like this from you guys in the trenches that…

Posted by Linksoul on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Meet Alyssa LaFaro of Syracuse Woman Magazine .::. Episode 84

On the second installment of our Finger Lakes Young Professional Series we welcome Editor of Syracuse Woman Magazine, Alyssa LaFaro. Alyssa, Amanda and Cassy talk about managing busy schedules, balancing work, and using social media on their jobs.

Links mentioned in this episode:




Let’s D.I.Y. It .::. Episode 67

This week Tiffany and Amanda talk about some do-it-yourself projects, the changes going on with Facebook, and the legacy of Buffalo Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson who passed away on Tuesday.

Social Media and Demolition Derby ..::.. Episode 14

This week, we catch up with Brandon Hayes from Illinois and Shawn Pease from Washington along with Steve Bucknam in New Hampshire to talk about the IDDA, and the evolution of demolition derby as it grew along side social media.

Living for the Lotion ..::.. Episode 103

It’s Keyshawn Johnson vs. Justin Bieber in Calabasas in what might be the story of the year. Also, learn how Mysterious Taco Girl gets the best deal on a new car, why a bee bit Tony Sometimes, where Saucey Joe’s kid thinks hot dogs come from, and what amazing gift Marlboro has sent Dandy Aaron D this time. It’s a live Sauce Pod unboxing!

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Episode 80 ..::.. I Do Hereby Declare

Tonight’s episode, awash in holiday glow, is dedicated to all you suckers who thought you could copyright your uploads on Facebook by making a status update. Also, a convenient use for that old smartphone, how old you should be when you learn about Santa, and our tweet of the week courtesy of Fab Melo. Tighten up your job, homie…

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Episode 54 ..::.. Guano is a Delicatessen

Found out what happened when Tony Sometimes was woken at 3:46 am Monday morning to a bat flying around in the bedroom. Find out what happened when a naked woman entered a convenience store in Saratoga Springs. Find out what happened when a northern New York man asked his buddy to shoot him in the leg with a .22 caliber rifle. Find out what happened when an Arabian horse got spooked on the beach. And if that weren’t enough stuff to find out, you can find out how Dandy is surviving his second week with no Internet.
Episode 54
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Episode 47 ..::.. Bran Parsons

The Sauce Pod Super Cereal Brackets continue but first an interesting story of a Gram Parsons song with a local flavor to be released as a cover on a Counting Crows album this week. Angry Brad is in studio with all the salacious details. Also, Facebook buys Instagram and Electric vs. Razor face shaving. Let’s get into it…
Episode 47
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Episode 20 .::. Things Happen Fast

We officially welcome John Baumes to the party as part of the 31st Lap; Baumes will be joining us on a semi-weekly basis, or as often as he wants. We get to talk with Tiger Chapman of Chapman’s Can-Am Motorsports Park and get his side of the parting-of-ways that took place with DIRTcar last week, and we preview the Lucas Oil Empire Super Sprints weekend and Canandaigua Motorsports Park’s practice session set for Saturday. And thanks to everyone – we had 33 live viewers and we’re gone past 100 likes on Facebook. Thanks for the support!
Episode 20
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Episode 13 .::. Home Grown

We talk with John Keegan about the upcoming New York State Stock Car Association Hall of Fame inductions, featuring Walt Mitchell and then Oswego Speedway’s Dan Kapuscinski discusses social media and the joys of working close to home after being on the road. We also broke some news on Tucker Hibbert and his visit to the 31st lap next week.
Episode 13
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