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Father’s Day Weekend in the Finger Lakes .::. FLX Weekly 6/13/18

Round-up your mid-June week in the Finger Lakes and look ahead to Father’s Day Weekend with Sydney Rogers, Josh Durso and Jim Sinicropi. We’ll share some great local events on-tap this weekend and some awesome local photos from the past week. Find out how the weekend weather is shaping up and take a look at the weekend in sports…


School’s out, summertime is here .::. FLX Weekly 6/14/17

Join Jessica Lahr, Jim Sinicropi, Josh Durso and Jessamy Uticone for a look around the Finger Lakes and everything you need to know about your weekend ahead. Get your first look weekend forecast, local event line-up, sports outlook, and discuss the top stories in our region this week.


Es Muy Largo ..::.. Episode 105

Media Stu is in-studio as we talk about whether or not it is even possible to create truly new music anymore. Also, find out why a Volusia County, Florida man stabbed his brother, how long a Deleware man had an erection, and why the Ontario County Humane Society issued a ticket this week. It’s kitten season in The Sauce!

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Episode 58 ..::.. Hola Super Amigo

Rocco’s Tacos up in the studio as Rocco himself delivers a feast courtesy of Red’s Place in downtown Seneca Falls. Topics of discussion include Zimbabwe’s ugliest man, cats and birds living together, a superhero protecting Lima, Peru and why more people die in bathtubs than perish in traffic accidents in Japan. Join us for an hour or so in studio for our 58th.
Hola Super Amigo
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