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Ray Thurston IV and Ed McCleaft ..::.. The Final Round Podcast #061

Ray Thurston IV joins us, and Ed McCleaft makes his return to the Final Round on a double-header episode!

Remembering Dick Oldfield ..::.. The Final Round Podcast #060

We reflect on the contributions to the sport of Dick Oldfield, who recently passed on.

John Sebastian ..::.. The Final Round Podcast #058

We welcome John Sebastian to the program, to discuss a litany of topics, including the upcoming Niagara Reunion, his model car habits, drag racing career and action at Lancaster.

Mike Ferstl, Super Gas and Super Comp Racer ..::.. The Final Round Podcast #057

Mike Ferstl, originally from Ontario and now living in Calgary, joins us for a night reflecting on his storied Super Gas and Super Comp career.