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Discussing the viability, safety of vaccines and religious exemptions .::. Sunday Conversation 7/14/19

Vaccines are complicated. Recently, there have been a lot of questions about them. When New York State ended religious exemptions for vaccinations – doctors began getting even more questions about their safety, viability to protect, and the ramifications for those who decide to not vaccinate their children. This week a conversation with Dr. Grace Freier and Nurse Christina Redding. The duo have these conversations every day; and now with changes coming to the regulatory landscape in New York – there is an effort to educate the community taking shape.

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Discussing concussions and high school sports .::. Inside the FLX 2/21/19

The State of New Jersey recently made headlines when the state’s high school sports governing body announced major changes to the way football would be handled moving forward.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association passed a bill that reduces in-season full-contact limits from 90 minutes per week to 15 minutes and preseason full-contact hours from unlimited to six.

“The image of the ‘rub some dirt on it’ football coach is really one of the past,” said Chuck Klaus, former president and current board member of the NJSIAA executive committee. “They want their kids to succeed, they want them to do well, but ultimately they want them healthy and safe.”

Reaction has been swift across the country on this issue. While some believe that it’s in the best interest of student athletes – others believe its weakening those students. We’ve attached some reaction to the bill’s passage at the bottom of this story.

This week FingerLakes1.com sat down with Dr. Robert Anderson, of Finger Lakes Health. He’s an expert on concussions, and had a lot to say about the changes in sports like football, but also about the changes coming in the medical community – as concussions become better understood.


Discussing the rise of ‘Urgent Care’ in modern medicine .::. Inside the FLX 12/2/18

When was the last time you visited your primary care physician? What about the last time you visited urgent care?

In the last decade visits to urgent care clinics across the U.S. increased by 119% between 2008 and 2015. For many Americans — urgent care — has become the ‘go-to’ option for healthcare services. According to Bob Switzer, urgent care director for Finger Lakes Health — the local trend has lived up to the national figures. Insurance claims to urgent care clinics has also dramatically increased in the last decade. The data showed an increase of 1,725 percent since 2008.

Switzer visited the FingerLakes1.com Studio alongside colleague Andre Forcier, chief administration officer for FLH Medical to discuss the trends in urgent care, and what’s happening locally to help keep residents healthy.


Lara Turbide of Finger Lakes Health .::. Weber This Week 12/7/15

Lara Turbide, Vice-President of Community Relations for Finger Lakes Health is in-studio to discuss the many services provided by her organization and the recent improvement to their various facilities.