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Betting vs. Gambling .::. Sportsbook Confidential 12/7/18

Join your host John Sullivan on the latest episode of Sportsbook Confidential where he explains the differences between betting and gambling, reinforcing why bankroll management is important. He also previews Friday night NHL, Army/Navy and Bills/Giants/Jets plus other NFL games.


Some Guys Have All The Luck .::. Episode 117

Do you consider yourself lucky or do you think all luck is simply coincidence? Either way, that guy playing scratch-offs at the local gas station ain’t lucky. Also, Miss New York is now Miss America but a Mr. America pageant would bring better TV ratings. Three-way in the studio on a Monday night but nothing like the cousin on cousin action in South Carolina last week. Get in there for an hour or so.

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Episode 45 ..::.. Krackletology

This week we announce the #1 seeds for our 64 team Breakfast Cereal Bracket. Find out which of your favorite cereals nabbed a top seed for next week’s tournament.
Episode 45 ..::.. Krackletology
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