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Talking environmental issues with Joseph Campbell, Yvonne Taylor .::. Inside the FLX 12/13/17

On episode #87 of the Inside the FLX Podcast Josh Durso is joined by Joseph Campbell and Yvonne Taylor, who are President and Vice President of Gas Free Seneca and Seneca Lake Guardian, a Waterkeeper Affiliate.

They were in-studio to talk about a number of environmental issues that have made headlines in recent months. Both have worked tirelessly to develop greater regulation around our vital lakes.

Watch the podcast below, or listen to the audio-only version above.


Gas Free Seneca on the fight against Crestwood .::. Inside the FLX with Josh Durso 1/7/16

Gas Free Seneca President Joseph Campbell and Vice-President Yvonne Taylor are in-studio to talk about the legal battle against Houston, Texas based Crestwood’s plan to store natural gas in the salt caverns beneath southern Seneca Lake.