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Jason Sauer, JC Mollys, Florida Update ..::.. Crash Course Podcast #208

We catch up with Jason Sauer, who is in Miami for an art exhibition. We will talk with him about the Florida Southern Nationals Shootout, before transitioning to JC Mollys for more insight on the event scheduled for Feb. 10 at the Hernando Co. Fairgrounds.

Gullo, Stuart on Wasatch, Near wins Dunkirk ..::.. The Crash Course #190

We open with a talk with Stirrin Dirt’s Johnny Gullo, hosts of Friday and Saturday’s Wasatch Wipeout in Heber City, UT. Then, we talk with retro class winner Clay Stuart, and finish with Chautauqua County Fair Champion Cory Near.

Homecoming Night: Tomkins, Ellison, Gascon ..::.. The Crash Course #189

We take a look back at all that was Seneca County Fair, our hometown event, where Brian Tomkins and Tim Ellison each took wins, and Matt Gascon won his first Mod Car feature Saturday night.

Caledonia Crash and Jam, Trumbull Co. ..::.. Crash Course #139

This week, we take a look at the county fair level as both Livingston County Fair (Caledonia, NY) and Trumbull County Fair in Ohio prepare for action Saturday. Kenny Swingle and Andy Wolfanger come in and talk about the Caledonia Crash and Jam Festival, a reboot of the Livingston County Fair’s derby card with a little twist to the build and a change of date. Trumbull dicussion will be led by Jeremy Hejduk of DerbyDog Productions.

Independence Day, Back in the Studio, Joey St. Mary ..::.. Crash Course #138

This week, we have a free form Tuesday episode as we come back from vacation. This week, we have a free form Tuesday episode as we come back from vacation. We also catch up with Joey St. Mary about the upcoming events in Malone, NY during the Franklin County Fair.

Mayhem and More: Whaley, Benjamin ..::.. Crash Course #137

This week, we roll out some new projects, and discuss Metal Mayhem 2016 with winner Vic Whaley Jr, and then talk with CNY regular Mark Benjamin, who won his fifth straight stock class feature at the annual Bath Father’s Day show. This year, the show was held under new leadership, and dubbed the Summer Smash.

Clarke, Werkhoven ..::.. Crash Course #136

This week, we talk with Rick Clarke following his win at the Kings of Old School event in Whitney Point, NY then we talk with Tanner Werkhoven, the driver who broke his femur in 3 places at the Mandan, ND team show Saturday.

Bash for Cash Preview:Johnson, King, Clark .::. Crash Course #133

This week, we look ahead to the 2016 Bash for Cash. The summer’s premier derby rolls out Friday with inspections and qualifying for the compacts; Sunday’s features include Turn Back the Clock, Old Iron and Compacts, with each paying in excess of $10,000. We catch up with Smash It Promoter Tim Clark, and then Nick King, who built the compact raffle car. We open the show with Zach Johnson, who followed up his Spring Explosion team victory with a win at Saturday’s Drive for Five in Elkhorn, Wisc.

Heavy Hitters and Old Iron: Layton, Bowman, Gullo, Hickman. .::.. Crash Course #132

This week, we take a look back May Mania event and the return to the Golden Spike Arena, with a focus on the old iron. We talk with Johnny Gullo about Utah and their old iron, May Mania Mad Dogs Robby Layton and Brad Bowman and then switch gears to talk with Eli Hickman about his old iron run at Crossroads. All this leads to Josh’s run in the old iron wire class at Bash For Cash in two weeks!

Crossroads Recap, May Mania Preview ..::.. Crash Course #131

This week, we take a look back at Crossroads of Destruction with co-promoter Matt Ertman and competitor Cody Mathews. Then, we talk with Johnny Gullo and Gumby Simko about this weeekend’s May Mania event and the return to the Golden Spike Arena!