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Heidi Nightengale, Melinda Marquart & Chris Felice in-studio .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 7/17/18

Join your host Melissa Killeleagh in this episode of The Melissa Killeleagh Show as she is joined by publisher, editor and professor Heidi Nightengale where they discuss the power of reading and the importance of believing in magic. Then, Melissa welcomes Seneca County Investigators Melinda Marquart and Chris Felice to discuss their involvement in cases involving children and the difficulties that can come with it.


Heidi Nightengale of Auburn & Laura Williams French of Jordan .::. The Loving Cup 1/23/18

On this week’s Loving Cup Podcast, host Katie MacIntyre welcomes Heidi Nightengale of Auburn & Jordan resident Laura Williams French in-studio to talk about gratitude and how their friendship turned into Clare Songbirds Publishing House.