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Episode 61 ..::.. Fugitive Recovery Agent

The organizers of the wildly popular Nasty-Money Invitational golf tournament sit in studio to talk about preparations for this year’s event, the shock of first-time parenthood, why Scott Bernstein is the new Chuck Norris, how you can avoid a group raccoon attack, and much more. Hot time, summer in the city!

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Episode 09 ..::.. God’s Gift To Women

It a good old fashioned Finger Lakes heat wave, y’all!!!  Keep it cool with the fellas in the stu-stu-studio where this week we recap the stu-thousand and eleven Nasty-Money Invitational Golf Tournament, debut a new track on Saucey Joe’s new Back to the Future inspired album, talk some women’s soccer for the last time until 2015, and beg our listeners to like us on Facebook.

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