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DEBRIEF SPECIAL: Looking back at Election Day 2020 & beyond 11/10/20

Election Day is a week behind us, but that doesn’t mean results are final. While we did get some updated information on a couple local races Monday, big questions remain – like will a smooth transition of power occur? On a special mid-week edition of The Weekend Debrief – Josh Durso and Ted Baker answer listener submitted questions from local elections, discuss the micro-cluster mitigation strategy announced for parts of the region, and look at the future of policing and PILOT programs.


America Moves Ahead .::. Kenny’s 2 Pennies 11/10/20

This week Kenny talks about the results of the Presidential election and what lies ahead for Americans. Also, a huge statement win for the Buffalo Bills on Sunday against Seattle. Can they do it again when they face the Cardinals in Week 10? Finally, some news on several new businesses popping up in Seneca Falls.