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Haley Lang & Mary Lou Capaldi-Lang .::. The Loving Cup 1/4/19

We are back with guests for The Loving Cup: Elevate Your Gratitude. Join Katie MacIntyre and her guests Haley Elizabeth Lang and her mom Mary Lou Capaldi-Lang to talk gratitude.


Heather Zellers & Jen Stanton .::. The Loving Cup 12/14/18

Join your host Katie MacIntyre on the newest episode of The Loving Cup with Heather Zellers (Right to Run 19k, Inc.) and Jen Stanton (Stanton Chiropractic).


Melina & Regina Carnicelli .::. The Loving Cup 12/7/18

Join your host Katie MacIntyre on the newest episode of The Loving Cup where she is joined by Melina Carnicelli (Former Mayor of Auburn & Activist) and her daughter Regina Carnicelli (Early Childhood Educator) to discuss gratitude.


Bob & Linda McKeveny .::. The Loving Cup 11/30/18

Join your host Katie MacIntyre on the latest episode of The Loving Cup where she is joined by Bob McKeveny (Superintendent of Schools) & Linda McKeveny (Spanish Teacher) to discuss the rewards of teaching and the gratitude it comes with.


Dion Pender & Duane Bombard .::. The Loving Cup 11/2/18

Join your host Katie MacIntyre on the latest episode of The Loving Cup where she is joined by Dion Pender and Duane Bombard of The Martin Group to discuss gratitude.


Vincent Gleason & Robin Jackson .::. The Loving Cup 10/26/18

Join your host Katie MacIntyre as she is joined in-studio by Vincent Gleason and Robin Jackson of Auburn to discuss gratitude on Friday afternoon’s edition of The Loving Cup Podcast.


Guests who have inspired in the past year .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 10/17/17

Melissa Killeleagh is back for her October episode of The Melissa Killeleagh Show on FingerLakes1.com. This is the one-year anniversary of The Melissa Killeleagh Show and you’ll hear from five guests who have appeared on the podcast since it debuted back on October 18, 2016. Appearing on this episode are Katie MacIntyre, Jynell Petrosino, Alexis Pierce, Heidi Lyndaker and Jim Sinicropi.



Katie MacIntyre & Boston Marathon .::. Weber This Week 6/19/17

On Monday afternoon’s edition of Weber This Week, the Web Dog welcomes Katie MacIntyre of Auburn back in-studio to talk about her quest to train for and finish the Boston Marathon which she accomplished in April.


How one person can propel powerful change .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 5/23/17

On Tuesday afternoon’s edition of The Melissa Killeleagh Show, Katie MacIntyre, a 261 Fearless Ambassador is in-studio for Melissa’s ‘Women who make a difference’ segment and a fun story of how one person propelled powerful change, especially as told by Stephen Beals and Karen Huntington Beals. Who can you share this important message with?

2nd Annual Right to Run 19K .::. FL1 Sports 5/13/17

Join Jim Sinicropi and Jen Stanton at the finish line of the 2017 Right to Run 5K & 19K for FL1 Sports in Seneca Falls on Saturday morning. Watch the race start and see the winning finishers come across the line. Also, hear from Kathrine Switzer who was the first woman to enter and compete the Boston Marathon in 1967 and a member of the National Women’s Hall of Fame Class of 2011. Also, interviews with local NYS Senator Pam Helming from the 54th District, Generations Bank President Menzo Case, and National Women’s Hall of Fame President Betty Bayer. Proceeds from this event go towards the restoration of the former Seneca Knitting Mill which will be the future home of the Women’s Hall of Fame.

Katie MacIntyre & Menzo Case of Generations Bank .::. Weber This Week 3/20/17

Generations Bank President Menzo Case and Marketing Director Katie MacIntyre join the Web Dog in-studio to talk about the Right to Run 19K, Katie’s participation in the upcoming Boston Marathon, and Menzo’s take on the current financial climate and healthcare situation in America.

Jeff Rook on the 2016 It’s A Wonderful Run 5K .::. Weber This Week 12/5/16

Race organizer of the It’s A Wonderful Run 5K, Jeff Rook, is in-studio to talk about this Saturday’s big 5K race in Seneca Falls that is expected to bring over 4,000 runners to town. Also in-studio, Jeff”s father Bob Rook and Katie MacIntyre, race director for the Women’s Right to Run 19k race also held in Seneca Falls in May.