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Melina & Regina Carnicelli .::. The Loving Cup 12/7/18

Join your host Katie MacIntyre on the newest episode of The Loving Cup where she is joined by Melina Carnicelli (Former Mayor of Auburn & Activist) and her daughter Regina Carnicelli (Early Childhood Educator) to discuss gratitude.


Melina Carnicelli & Women March in Seneca Falls .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 1/16/18

Lead organizer of Women March in Seneca Falls and former Mayor of Auburn, NY Melina Carnicelli is in-studio as a guest on the Melissa Killeleagh Show to talk about Saturday’s event in Seneca Falls and her life and career journey.


Melina CarnIcelli & Betty M. Bayer on Women’s March in Seneca Falls .::. Inside the FLX 1/19/17

Two of the leading organizers for the Women’s March in Seneca Falls on Saturday, January 21, 2017 are in-studio to talk about the organic growth the event has experienced the logistics of hosting such a large event, and what people planning on going can expect.