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Episode 34 ..::.. I’m No Big City Astrophysicist

It was a live musical performance in the studio on Monday night this week as Scott Simolo of Seneca Falls, NY performs an original song. Dandy Aaron D is back at the mic after being too ill, Stu had a tasty steak and what would happen if we could travel faster than the speed of light, then look back at earth? Join us for about an hour…
Episode 34 ..::.. I'm No Big City Astrphysicist
Warning: Some Explicit Content
Direct Link To Download:  the-sauce-episode34-2012-0109.mp3 (94.8 mb, 1:05:52) | Listen on Stitcher
a recorded video webcast of our latest episode at FingerLakes1.TV.
VIDEO NOTE: The first 6-7 minutes of the recorded webcast have some sudio issues, clear sailing after that.

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