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A look back at WinterSlam 2016 ..::.. Crash Course #119

This week, we recap WinterSlam 2016 and talk with 80’s Chain Class winner Stacy Flynn and then compact class winner Jerad Ryan. We also discuss the Valentine’s Day Massacre at DeSoto Speedway in Bradenton, Fla. and Randy Randy Mosloski’s impressive showing in the leftover weld class with his compact heat-winning Lumina. We finish up with a quick conversation with Jordan Rutherford about the Mo-Ohio Championships this weekend.

NAPA WinterSLAM is upon us

This week, we catch up with Randy Mosloski as the team puts the final touches on the 2016 Napa WinterSlam, scheduled for Saturday in Garden City, MN.

We will talk to competitors Devin Olson and Greg Mayer through the hour, in addition to hitting on Redneck Rumble ’16, Josh Decker’s inspiring antics, Brad Bergevin’s acute perception skills, the new DDF8 pre-release game and we will bid a fond farewell to Demo Derby Masters.

Catskill and Napa WinterSlam ..::.. Crash Course #110

This week, we catch up with Ryan Ostrander and Catskill Fabrication and Performance and we talk about the challenges of building and keeping up with customer orders. Then, we switch gears and head to Minnesota to talk with Randy Mosloski about the 2016 Napa WinterSLAM in Garden City. The show has already sold out on entries!

And finally, we dedicate this episode to Jesse Pryor, #557, who passed away unexpectedly last week. Our thoughts remain with the family.

Next Wednesday is the cutoff to RSVP for the New Year’s Eve Party. We must have your names by next Wednesday (Dec. 23) for head count. Only a small number of walk-up, un-announced tickets will be available at the door. There is no price change at the door.

Ellman, Pencek, Mosloski, Clark and The Final Encounter ..::.. Crash Course #97

This week, we talk with Hank Pencek and Jimmy Ellman. Ellman lost his brother, Chad, in January, then was an unlikely winner at the Chautauqua County Fair in July. Riding the momentum, he drove to third at the New York State Fair Championship in Syracuse Labor Day weekend. We also talk with Randy Mosloski, who promotes the WinterSlam event, presented by Napa Auto Parts, in Garden City, MN. We wrap up with Tim Clark, and an update on the new home for Bash for Cash.