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From LA to NYC .::. Episode 49

Amanda is back from Los Angeles with stories from the road. Also, Tiffany is heading out next as the girls discuss what she is going to do in New York City.

Episode 16 ..::.. Goo Hoarders

Join Amanda and Tiffany as they discuss Tiffany’s trip to NYC with poop filled subways and the oldest bar in New York City. Also as they discuss what goo hoarders are and Amanda being one is a problem ha! Not to mention a lion runs rampant through the city and gets phone callers all concerned. Plus much much more 🙂

Episode 43 ..::.. Dandy is the Most Luggable

This podcast is NOT sponsored by Rudy P. Ringtone or any of his affiliations, nor does he appear in this episode. With that being said, everyone that is in studio revives the old Duke-Syracuse cold war between Media Stu and Tony that has predictably escalated again as March Madness is upon us. Speaking of cold wars… Dandy proposes we fight all future wars with fist fights instead of weapons. Speaking of fists, wait until you hear what Minnie Mouse did with her giant mouse hands in New York City this weekend. Have a listen, you just might learn something this week.
Episode 33 ..::.. Luggable Dandy
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