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Discussing the future of the Trinity Church in Geneva .::. Inside the FLX 10/19/20

What’s the best case scenario for a sprawling, historic church that doesn’t have enough of a congregation to support it’s maintenance and future? Between 2010 and 2015 church redevelopment projects nearly tripled across the U.S. That’s according to a survey, which highlighted the change back in 2016.

The bottom line: Congregations are shrinking, and repurposing the historic structures that many call home is an integral part of maintaining the history of the local community.

In Geneva, The Trinity Episcopal Church on South Main Street is the site of that continued debate. Developer Mark McGroarty has gained support and approvals from the City, mostly-clearing way for a development at the Trinity site, which has deep history in the city itself. He was in-studio this week alongside Murray Heaton, a local attorney with a practice in Geneva; as well as Major General Bruce Tuxill, a ranking member of the congregation, which despite being smaller – still has a voice in the future of the church. McGroarty, Tuxill, and Heaton support the proposed redevelopment. While the development team still has a couple more hurdles to clear – they are hopeful that work can begin in 2020 to bring new life to the Trinity Church.

The site was announced this week as one of the ‘Five to Revive’ by the Landmark Society of Western New York. Each year the organization selects historic sites that it views as favorable for their support and redevelopment.

McGroarty, Heaton, and Tuxill discuss the project, opposition, and so much more on this week’s episode of Inside the FLX.

Discussing the future of Geneva with Jim Meaney .::. The Debrief Podcast 4/20/19

When Jim Meaney, founder of The Geneva Believer announced that he would be seeking the nomination to run for Geneva City Council’s Ward 6 seat – there was very little surprise. However, weeks later he ended that campaign, returning to the work that led him to the decision that would be to run for City Council.

Reporting on the City of Geneva.

This week on The Debrief Podcast we discuss that brief campaign with Meaney, and also address a number of important and timely headlines – like the recently confirmed slate of candidates for city council races this fall.

Watch the program below, or listen on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


Sports Betting Championship & NFL Playoffs .::. Sportsbook Confidential 1/11/19

This weekend kicks off the inaugural sports betting championship tournament in Newark, NJ. John looks at the possibilities and pitfalls of short term betting contests. He previews NHL & NFL playoffs and guesses lines for college hoops. Plus blockbuster news regarding the local sports betting scene.


The Melissa Killeleagh Show .::. Monica Lesslie & Cornell Thomas 10/16/18

Join your host Melissa for the latest episode of The Melissa Killeleagh Show where she is joined by Dr. Monica Lesslie (Liveyourbliss.com) and Speaker, Author and Coach Cornell Thomas.