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Answering your questions about Novel Coronavirus | Weekly Debrief #64

This week on The Debrief Podcast, a breakdown of the most-asked questions we received in the newsroom since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak began in New York. Josh Durso and Ted Baker discuss, and look forward to a potentially permanently changed region.

Former NFL running back talks ‘Dream Project’ .::. The Melissa Killeleagh Show 3/24/20

Who says social isolation can’t have benefits? Leroy Collins, Author, Speaker, and former NFL running back was featured this week on The Melissa Killeleagh Show discussing The Dream Project. Collins and Killeleagh discuss how people can use this time to dig deep and bring our dreams to life.

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Rick House talks Medicaid plans in Albany and unfunded mandates .::. Inside the FLX #223

Unfunded mandates. We hear plenty about them in Upstate New York, but what does an unfunded mandate actually look like in real life application? Rick House, Wayne County Administrator, made headlines a couple weeks ago when he said counties are being blamed for something they have no control over. To make matters worse, he says the proposals that have been put forward so far fall short in addressing the issue, which is a program that is simply too expensive.

This week on Episode #224 of Inside the FLX, House discusses the implications of a program that gets more expensive, and forces counties to make difficult decisions.

Scott Comegys for New York State Assembly .::. Inside the FLX #217

On episode #217 of Inside the FLX it’s a closer look at another New York State Assembly contest in the Finger Lakes. This one, which is shaping up in the 130th District, where Democrat Scott Comegys is looking to challenge Republican Brian Manktelow, an incumbent from Lyons. He discusses his campaign, the big issues, and how he feels voters in Wayne and Cayuga counties should be represented.