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Episode 79 ..::.. The Marlboro Man

This week we get a surprise visit from Rocco with a fresh new flavor of chicken wing to share. Also, you won’t believe the amount of merchandise and perks that Dandy Aaron D regularly gets from Marlboro and Tony Sometimes fills you in on some hot Black Friday tech deals. What a way to kick off your Thanksgiving Week… spend an hour or so with us in the Sauce Pod.
Episode 79
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..::.. Turkey Decapitation Compilation (video courtesy of Roger)
..::.. A Man Drink Like That… (video courtesy of Mysterious Taco Girl)


Episode 63 ..::.. A Methodical Approach

A clash of the titans as The Sauce Pod goes remote at Red’s Place in downtown Seneca Falls. The now famous Rocco’s Tacos are a Monday night sensation at Red’s and this week three heavy hitters line-up for a taco eating contest for the ages. Will it be Johnny Wa-Wa, Tugboat Scotty, or Billy Major who will hold the coveted Rocco’s Tacos title?
Taco Contest - July 2012
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