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Episode 79 ..::.. The Marlboro Man

This week we get a surprise visit from Rocco with a fresh new flavor of chicken wing to share. Also, you won’t believe the amount of merchandise and perks that Dandy Aaron D regularly gets from Marlboro and Tony Sometimes fills you in on some hot Black Friday tech deals. What a way to kick off your Thanksgiving Week… spend an hour or so with us in the Sauce Pod.
Episode 79
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..::.. Turkey Decapitation Compilation (video courtesy of Roger)
..::.. A Man Drink Like That… (video courtesy of Mysterious Taco Girl)


Episode 58 ..::.. Hola Super Amigo

Rocco’s Tacos up in the studio as Rocco himself delivers a feast courtesy of Red’s Place in downtown Seneca Falls. Topics of discussion include Zimbabwe’s ugliest man, cats and birds living together, a superhero protecting Lima, Peru and why more people die in bathtubs than perish in traffic accidents in Japan. Join us for an hour or so in studio for our 58th.
Hola Super Amigo
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